Understanding of Packaging Engineering Education and Ex…

The education of packaging engineering has very distinct characteristics. It can not only overcome the problems existing in higher education in China, but also better meet the development direction of modern engineering education. I. Problems in China's Higher Engineering Education Under the-----

Printing Dirty Analysis and Control (2)

Second, the prints dirty control measures According to the above analysis, the control of the grime prints is mainly controlled from the root cause of the grime-prepressing process (as shown in Figure 2). 1. Work hard to require all employees to work meticulously to improve the appearance of pri-----

Centurion circular press die cutting machine customized…

Serenco of the United States provides full-size round die-cutting presses for cartons and optional equipment is available upon request. This flexible design allows the structure and function of the machine to be changed according to the actual production conditions of the carton factory. After add-----

Process Control in Gravure Printing

First, the arrangement of printing color sequence There are two kinds of printing methods: surface printing and inward printing. The printing material (Teddy paper) basically uses surface printing due to its physical characteristics. Plastic film is usually printed in more ways. According to the -----

Labeled printing device on an outer packaging tape in t…

Patent name: printing device with marking on the packaging tape in the tobacco processing industry Patent Application No. 3 Publication No.: 1518500 Application Date: 2002.06.12 Public Day 2004.08.04 3. Applicant : German Hoani Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This invention is a kind of packag-----

Green ink exploration

At present, China's printing industry is facing a great deal of environmental pressure. Since most of the inks used in printing contain organic solvents, and organic solvents are discharged into the atmosphere almost without any treatment, the annual organic emissions to the atmosphere are vol-----

The basic skills that silk screen should do for foreign…

Prepress Dew/Leak: The printing paper is mostly white. When printing or making a plate, the color of the connection is not tight, exposing the white background. White: Photo-engraving process in the era of hanging nets. To remedy the darkness of the Internet image, you can remove the original fl-----