"Left hand economy right hand quality" decora…

In order to adhere to the principle of “doing less, doing more, and doing good things” in the complicated and noisy decoration market, it is not only necessary to understand the decoration project, but also the ability to walk through the rivers and lakes. Fortunat-----

Cabinet purchase: determine kitchen style and cabinet s…

1, first of all, there should be a basic understanding of the cabinet (1) Visit large building materials supermarkets and brand stores. There are many branded cabinets here. In the many exchanges of the shopping guide, your professional knowledge will continue to strengthen. -----

The pros and cons of solid wood furniture and sheet fur…

However, consumers who have purchased furniture and building materials have more or less such distress - what furniture and building materials products are products that meet national standards and environmental protection? In fact, from the quality supervision department of t-----

How big is the difference between new and old mahogany?

In the media, I often see reports that illegal manufacturers use the new mahogany as a veteran of the old mahogany. Many consumers will ask: mahogany is mahogany, what new and old? In fact, mahogany not only has new and old points, but also the value of new and old mahogany is-----

How to choose the bedroom floor

There are currently two types of wood flooring on the market: log flooring and composite wood flooring. There are many kinds of wood flooring and specifications, and the color tone is highly selective, but the construction is complicated. Anti-corrosion, anti-deformation and -----

Method for controlling deformation of wood products (2)

2 Wood drying control method Wood deformation due to shrinkage and swelling and wood shrinkage stress can be overcome during the storage and drying of logs and sawn timber by controlling the wood mixing rate and developing a suitable drying process. 2. l Dry shrinkage and swe-----

Continuous tone and halftone images

What is a continuous tone image? What is a halftone image? A: Continuous-tone images usually refer to changes in tone from light to dark or dark to light on an image, and shades or shades are composed of the density of the imaged material particles per unit area. Such as the continuous adjustment-----