Ink transfer during plastic gravure printing

In the process of plastic gravure printing, improving the transfer of ink is the key to controlling the quality of printed products. The transfer of plastic gravure ink refers to the physical inking process from the plate cylinder mesh to the printing material. The mechanism can be described as fo-----

Research on Standardized Management of Military Packagi…

3. 2 focusing mechanism Focus mechanism. It refers to the need to centralize important information and key information, and to provide accurate military packaging information in time, place, and place. Focusing mechanism, we must first choose the "focus distance" and "focus." -----

Oblique double-sealed bag packaging

Patent name: Fan Yanyang, a patented double-sealed bag-packaging patent applicant; Fan Jianpu, Principal Applicant, Address 100854, No. 8, Unit 1, Building 300, No. 16 Yuquan Road, Haidian District, Beijing Inventor Fan Yangyang Application (Patent) No. 200410004418.6 Date 2004.02.23 Certification-----

Open-edged packaging container structure

Patent name Applicant Liu Yisheng of the packaging container structure with opening edge Liu Zhihong Principal applicant Address No. 215, Shenlin Road, Tailin Village, Daya Town, Taichung County, Taiwan Inventor Liu Yisheng; Liu Zhihong Application (patent) No. 200420077980.7 Date of application 2-----

Recovery Cycle--Regeneration of Waste Paper

Editor's Note : Waste paper began as a renewable resource for the paper industry at the beginning of the 20th century. It is also called "secondary fiber," and the amount of waste paper used in papermaking raw materials has increased year by year. Today, due to people's demands f-----

Folding box structure

Patent Name Distributive Packing Box Structure Patent Applicant Zhibang Technology Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Taiwan Inventor Wang Meifang Application (Patent) No. 200420066693.6 Application Date 2004.06.09 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2727064 Audit Notice Date 2005.09.21 Inst-----