botObjects launches the world's first full-color 3D…

BotObjects announced the launch of the world's first full-color 3D printer-ProDesk3D. Although 3D printing has become a household name, there are only a few colors for users to choose from. At present, most 3D printers are monochrome or a limited number of colors. ProDesk3D released by BotObj-----

Analysis of Problems Facing Goods After Printing

1. After the color is not printed or false In the case of the printed light-colored full-color version, the post-color printing may not be printed or may be false. This may be due to excessive dry oil addition or over-provisioning or semi-finished product stacking time, and the loss of adsorption-----

The choice of open wardrobe design urban hipsters

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the diversification of material life, people's total objects are becoming more and more abundant, and many people have begun to choose open wardrobes , which not only have powerful storage functions, but also are convenient. Most of the open ward-----

Xi'an gas chromatograph application field and relat…

1. Application field of gas chromatograph: 1. Petroleum and petrochemical analysis: Chemical analysis, crude oil analysis, refinery gas analysis, simulated distillation, oil analysis, elemental hydrocarbon analysis, sulfur / nitrogen / oxygen compounds analysis, gasoline additive analysis, aliph-----

Fruit and Food Packing Tips

Urban and rural fruit consumption has emerged as a feature of buying new food and eating fresh, small quantities. Nowadays, more than 10 kilograms of boxed fruits are on the market, which of course does not meet the needs of most consumers. In response to this feature, some dealers have launched 3-----

Vibration test procedures for packages

The vibration test stand is the main product of Haida Instruments. It is mainly used to test the vibration resistance of large-sized furniture such as large furniture, home appliances, and office furniture, as well as the vibration test of simulated transport after the product is packaged to evalu-----

What problems should be noticed when using chemical rea…

l) When dispensing solid reagent, it should be placed in a wide-mouthed bottle with a stopper or a large-mouthed reagent bottle with a grounded glass stopper. (2) When dispensing liquid reagents, the liquid reagents should be placed in fine-mouth bottles, or fine-mouth bottles with ground glass s-----