The entry of 3D printing has brought dawn to human medical care. With the continuous penetration of 3D printing in the medical industry, its development in this field has also received much attention. Whether it is the recent rise of 3D printing organs, bones, etc., to some extent, it has broken through many difficulties in traditional medical care. Moreover, there are also some 3D printing creative designs that bring warmth and happiness to the lives of disabled people. For example, this bracket will be introduced in the small series today.

Ordinary people will go to the doctor if the arm ligament is torn, then bandaged and cast a plaster to wait for recovery. However, the designer feels that the traditional method is slow to recover and the activity is not convenient enough, so he designs the bracket himself. Maybe you will find it incredible. Today, Xiaobian introduces such a self-willed designer, Scott Summit, and his 3D printing stand.

This bracket requires three fixed points in the arm and hand position, avoiding the place where there are many important tissues between the skin and the bone, avoiding compression of the nerves and promoting blood flow. What's more worth mentioning is that the bracket is only 5 mm thick, which is lighter than a thick plaster.

Wearing his proud work, Summit can bathe normally, wear clothes, and even go diving. Because of the hollow structure, the patient's wrist can also directly contact the hot and cold water, the scar repairing ointment. It is certainly faster to recover.

The only user of this stand is Summit, which is not in production, but it is the future direction of rehabilitation technology. Each patient's personal physique and injury are not the same, so it is not possible to reduce costs through large-scale production. What really saves is the time and cost of care. Summit estimates that the traditional method takes about 2 hours to change the bracket each time and requires frequent replacement, and his method takes only a few seconds to greatly improve convenience.

Wearing this bracket is not only a patient, but also cool. If your arm is injured, will you try to help it recover?

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