A two-storey hardcover villa is built within 3 hours, and the supporting facilities are complete. This way, building a house like "magic" has once again refreshed people's perception of housing industrialization. Yesterday, at the 14th China International Housing Industry Expo, such a villa that used 3D technology to print building modules and then assembled on the spot appeared in front of the audience.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, many people in the Expo Pavilion have visited. However, the most lively place is an open space between the two pavilions, where three hours of hardcover two-storey villas are being displayed. Different from traditional building construction, there are no building materials such as cement and sand in the whole construction site, and there is no disturbing noise. There are only building modules like building blocks.

The person in charge of the construction said that according to the traditional construction method, it takes several months to build such a two-storey hardcover villa, and it takes only three hours to assemble the 3D printed "building blocks" into a house.

Will the house that is put together be not strong? The staff explained that the modules of the house have a solid steel structure connection, although the house will be lighter than the concrete-concrete house, but more stable than the traditional house.

“Houses built with this material will have 8% more space, 365 days of construction, no weather and temperature restrictions, and no water will be used during construction,” the staff said.

It is reported that this kind of technology to build a house like a car has been promoted and applied in the construction of property-type affordable housing, public rental housing and even decoration in this city. The residential industrialized building that has been promoted in one year has reached millions. Square meters.


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