As the problem of water pollution has become more and more serious in recent years, people gradually realize that it is necessary to choose a good water treatment product. The 3MBEV120 water purifier uses the world's most recognized compressed fibrous activated carbon with the strongest adsorption capacity to ensure high water activity and high oxygen content, which can promote human metabolism and enhance human cell vitality. This product is affiliated to 3M China Co., Ltd. and was incorporated in November 1984. It is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise established in China outside the special economic zone. As of 2012, it has invested more than 8.5 billion yuan in China.

Evaluation brand: 3M water purifier

Evaluation product: 3MBEV120

Installation method: understage

Filtration accuracy: 0.2μm

Water purification principle: activated carbon

Water purifier filter: PP cotton, activated carbon

Main removal: impurities, sediment, odor, bacteria, residual chlorine

Material: ABS

Origin: United States

Product link:

Evaluation items: product appearance, product details, size evaluation

1. Product appearance

The main filter element of the 3MBEV120 water purifier integrates the core and top fiber activated carbon rod technology of 3M Yalp in the United States. The 0.5 micron ultra-fine filter pore size can effectively remove 99.97% of harmful microorganisms such as bacterial spores and cysts and rust dust. Impurities. The activated carbon of this water purifier can absorb the harmful substances such as heavy metal residual chlorine odor and chemical pollution in the water 4 times the efficiency of ordinary activated carbon rods.

2. Product details

The explosion-proof head of the 3MBEV120 water purifier prevents water leakage, and the bottom of the fuselage is marked with an ON (OFF) rotation direction. The body of the product is affixed with the original anti-counterfeiting logo, you can call 3M after-sales 400 to check the authenticity. The pre-filtration of this water purification product is specially developed by the 3M for the Chinese market to remove large particles of impurities to extend the life of the subsequent fine filter. The lead-free water purification tap can help you eliminate lead hazards and protect your drinking water health. .

3. Size evaluation

The filter element of 3MBEV120 water purifier has a length of 38CM and a width of 8CM. The length of PP cotton barrel is 30CM and the width is 12CM. The floor space is small and hung in the cupboard, you can usually drink clean and fresh water.

Evaluation summary:

3MBEV120 water purifier is a mainstream product with high cost performance and best selling in the market. The filter cartridge imported from the United States allows you to drink fresh, healthy and delicious water by turning on the tap! This is a water purifier that allows you to drink live water directly! It is small in size, easy to install and save space, and easy for later maintenance. The user can handle it by himself.

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