[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In recent years, the decoration has been popular and the luxury style has been lowered. The comfortable and elegant style has become the first choice. In the case of taking the wardrobe to the big furniture, it is necessary to have both the items and the landscaping function in the bedroom, but it is really good to choose a wardrobe with a price, style and material. Difficult, today's inventory of 6 different styles of closet style, elegant and intellectual have both, let's take a look!

Simple louver wardrobe

Bedroom wardrobe design

6 classic white-collar overall wardrobe recommended elegant style to make the bedroom "tidal" ( Appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

Recommended crowd: romantic and young, white-collar

Xiao Bian recommended: the surfboard made of high-density board has a smooth surface and good moisture resistance, high environmental protection, light weight and easy to push and pull. The belts use the art-painted glass of the same color with simple lines, and the color uniformity is more harmonious. The bristle dust-proof strip is installed intimately at the two joints, and dust is not easy to enter. The stylish and modern appearance is the embodiment of the quality of the home environment.

Korean style wardrobe

Simple wardrobe renderings

6 classic white-collar overall wardrobe recommended elegant style to make the bedroom "tidal" up ( appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

Recommended crowd: pragmatic advocates, emphasis on life, quality-oriented young white-collar workers

Xiao Bian recommended: This product is beautiful and stylish, affordable, economical, very suitable for young white-collar workers. A large number of contrasting colors such as rice ash, white and black are used to make the original plain and simple style furniture more layered. It exudes the youthful atmosphere of young people, and the whole space is beautiful and modern. The wardrobe has superior storage capacity to save more space.

Tri-ply Stainless Steel Stockpot

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