Wood has a long history of use in furniture and wooden doors. It is light in weight, high in strength, strong in elasticity and toughness, easy to process and surface finish. Especially the beautiful natural texture of wood, soft and warm vision and touch are unmatched by other synthetic materials. The structure of the wood determines the nature of the wood, and the nature of the wood largely determines the applicable conditions of the wood.

The structure of the wood is also the material basis for the nature of the wood and the use of wood. Therefore, from the requirements of wood utilization, understanding and mastering the structure of wood is of great significance for selecting appropriate wood, increasing the value of wood use and reducing waste.

Basic processing method of solid wood

(1) Sawing

The process of using a saw to split or cut the wood into two parts and transform the wood between the two parts into sawdust, called sawing. Saws are sometimes used to slot the product. Sawing is a long-term and widely used processing method in wood cutting.

(2) Milling and milling is a widely used wood cutting method. The milling is performed by cutting the shaft with the cutting edge as the bus bar, and the workpiece is cut by the cutting edge to form a cutting surface. Milling is characterized by varying thicknesses as the cutting edge cuts into the workpiece. According to the predetermined surface, the relationship between the wood on the workpiece is cut by means of a cutter to obtain the desired size, shape and roughness of the article, which is called wood cutting. As can be seen from the definition of wood cutting: to complete a wood cutting process, there must be three elements, namely, tool, workpiece, and motion. In most cases of wood cutting, the workpiece is cut off by a relatively large deformation of the tissue called chips to obtain the article. Among the various milling forms, spur cylindrical milling is the most basic, simplest and most extensive type of milling. At the same time, it is also the main processing method for processing solid wood furniture and wooden door shaped workpieces.

(3) Planing

Similar to milling methods. The flat surface of the wood is flat, and there is not much use for the shaped workpiece for processing solid wood. But it is indeed a very important part of the processing of wood raw materials.

(4) Drilling

For the combination of furniture and wooden door parts, various types of grooves and holes are sometimes processed. These holes are an important processing process in the processing of furniture and wooden doors, and the quality of the processing directly affects the bonding strength and quality. Drilling is the process of cutting a workpiece in the direction of the bit axis by means of a rotating drill bit. Different types of drills are used to machine holes and grooves of different diameter types. In addition, drilling and cutting have a certain effect on the processing of solid wood furniture and wooden door shaped workpieces.

(5) Grinding

Grinding is one of the processes widely used in wood cutting and furniture and wood door processing. Grinding can be used to eliminate the defects such as ripples, burrs and groove marks left on the surface of the woodwork in the previous process, so that the surface of the part can obtain the necessary roughness and flatness, and establish a good base for the subsequent decoration process. Grinding is different from milling and planing. The latter often produces destructive irregularities that are difficult to eliminate due to reverse grain cutting, combined with the development of high-power, high-precision wide-band sanders, for thick-width standards and surface finishing of large-format wood-based panels, plywood and panels. Provides the ideal equipment.

There is an idiom in my country: "If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his weapon." What it means is that if a craftsman wants to do a good job, he must first fine-tune the tool. We measure the craftsmanship of furniture and wood door woodworkers, essentially referring to the extent to which they understand the performance of the tool and the level of good use of it. If the craftsman is unfamiliar or can't use the tool correctly, then his production can not only achieve high yield and quality, but even qualified furniture and wooden door products can't be produced.

Hand-made small tools: axes, saws, planers, chisels, drills, screwdrivers, pliers, hoes, hammers and nails, fixtures, gauges and marking tools.

Machining tools: band saw machine, electronic cutting saw, circular sawing machine, planer, planer, double-sided planer, milling machine, drilling machine, lathe, press, edge banding machine, rotary cutting machine, planer, electric saw , electric planers, electric grinders, electric drills, etc.

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