Printing process by the printing device fault caused by the material quality problems are more common, as a printing press roller essential parts, has a great influence on the printing quality of the same. The author encountered two problems caused by the quality of the rubber roller during the printing process. I will share the elimination process and summarize how to use the rubber roller correctly.

Fault performance: During the printing process, the cyan group began to have normal color and then slowly became shallower. Inspection process: 1 stop the ink on the printing plate (common method of viewing pressure, using the roller to press the surface of the printing plate, the width of the ink mark on the surface of the printing plate can indicate the pressure), and found that the pressure of the water roller is very large. The width of the ink mark is about 9 mm, so the pressure is adjusted to normal, and then the machine is started. It is found that there is a paste phenomenon at the mouth of the printing plate. The dirty phenomenon on the plate surface is serious, and the sudden water is large and the water is small and repeated. Unstable. 2 The machine found that there were water droplets on the printing plate tip and the blanket tip, so the pressure of the metering roller and the water roller was checked and adjusted to the normal state. The water supply was normal and the fault was eliminated. At 3 o'clock, the machine was burned on the printing plate, and it was found that the pressure of the plate water roller which was just adjusted was increased, and the nut that adjusted the pressure of the plate roller was not loose. We tried to jog the machine several times and found that the pressure of the plate roller was different every time. 4 All the water rollers of the plate were removed, and the surface of the removed rubber roller was found to be flat and without wear. The bearings at both ends were taken down and carefully observed. It was found that the sleeves at both ends of the rubber roller were eccentric.

Therefore, we conclude that the sleeve of the rubber roller is eccentric, which causes the pressure of the different circumferential positions to be different when the water roller on the plate is installed after the installation. The pressure of the rubber layer is large. If the pressure is adjusted according to the pressure at this position, the pressure at the thin position of the rubber layer will be smaller, which will easily lead to the paste on the plate and the upper surface; otherwise, the ink bar will be pressed according to the thin position of the rubber layer, and the pressure will be adjusted after printing. The pressure of the water roller is much larger, and the ink will become lighter and lighter, and the pressure of the water roller will be too large and small, and the water supply of the plate is always unstable. When we replaced the new, good quality version of the water roller, the fault disappeared. The reason for the failure was that the quality of the rubber roller was too poor. The materials department and the printing workshop did not carefully accept the rubber roller in the printing, which caused the failure. (Editor: Liu Yidong)

The above content is selected from the journal “ Printing Technology·Digital Graphic Arts ” of the Journal of Science and Technology Media , No.6, 2014. For more content, please read the journal channel. Welcome to download the iPAD version of “Keyin Journal”.

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