The OFweek 3D printing network has reported that the designers of the first 3D printing guns sued the US government or the news that will be lost. In fact, the issue of 3D printing guns has been quite controversial among the public, but for governments, the position is Unusually consistent, that is to resolutely stop. Even the United States, which has always claimed to be free, will be suppressed by the US government either explicitly or implicitly.

However, for those who know how to do it, as a poor quality all-plastic 3D printing gun, the liberators can say that there is not much threat to people. But many firearms enthusiasts with 3D printers are clearly not going to stop. They are turning to 3D printing parts combined with more durable parts made in the traditional way to create hybrid guns.

Liberator 3D printing pistol

The most complex and impressive hybrid gun design is Shuty, a 9mm semi-automatic pistol that combines the standard AR-15 and PA Luty's homemade gun designs. Shuty's design combines a metal gun, an AR fire control unit and a Glock barrel with a 3D printed gun frame, upper and lower casings and magazines.

These 3D printing parts were printed on standard Orient 3D printers by derwoodvw on SeeOrCNC's Orion 3D printer. In the design of derwoodvw, metal parts are intentionally used in places that require repeated use and are prone to wear, while printed parts are used in places with less wear and tear. Although the life of Shuty is quite short due to the use of so many materials, it is already much better than the liberators.

For those who favor the prohibition of 3D printing guns, their reason is that these guns may be used in crimes, mass shootings, and even political assassinations. But anyone who has used or 3D printed guns, regardless of their position on this issue, will clearly say that 3D printing guns do not pose a real threat. For example, this Shuty is simply unbearable in terms of practicality. It has neither a butt nor a sight, like a heavy brick. It can be said that a person who really wants to make a gun can create a gun that is much more powerful than a small machine. If the criminals or terrorists want to rely on 3D printed guns to work, they can only say The brain is in the water.

However, although the 3D printed guns are not threatened, it is still possible to continue to improve with the development of technology, and eventually catch up with even more traditionally manufactured guns.

According to derwoodvw in a test of Shuty's video, the hybrid 3D print gun is "perfect", despite its awkward appearance. Of course, if the plastic part is replaced with a more durable, more advanced 3D printed material , it can become a little threatening.

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