BotObjects announced the launch of the world's first full-color 3D printer-ProDesk3D.

Although 3D printing has become a household name, there are only a few colors for users to choose from. At present, most 3D printers are monochrome or a limited number of colors. ProDesk3D released by BotObjects this time has changed this situation. ProDesk3D produces five different colors by mixing five color ink cartridges.

Most 3D printers currently on the market use ABS or PLA thermoplastics, and ProDesk3D also uses PLA. PLA is a kind of biodegradable material, which can be re-fired many times without losing its complete physical and chemical properties, making it an ideal material for 3D printing. In addition to the built-in multiple color ink cartridges, botObjects also claims that their software UI program is user-friendly, simple to operate and powerful.

The company's CEO and co-founder said that after two years of work, they are proud to launch a revolutionary product, whether it is from the appearance design, or from the ProDesk3D function, it is a fascinating product, And represents the development direction of the 3D printing industry in the next 5 years.

BotObjects did not announce the launch date and pricing of ProDesk3D. In addition, there is no live demonstration of color 3D printing.

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