[Chinese wardrobe network] [difficulties] What principles should be followed when designing the cloakroom? What problems should I pay attention to?

[Question] What is the principle of the cloakroom design?

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The cloakroom will be popular in the metropolis, which is an irreversible trend. The concept of cloakroom design and home design is the same, the most important is space planning. By organizing changes in space, a harmonious indoor environment is created to achieve coordination of visual and psychological functions.

1, play functional

The larger living room, the main bedroom and the bathroom are connected by a cloakroom, preferably, which allows the cloakroom to be functionally released. For a home with a spacious bathroom, you can use its entrance to make a row of wardrobes , and then set up a large-scale mirror to extend the vision, making everyday life more convenient and faster. If the room happens to have a mezzanine layout, the mezzanine can be used to make a simple cloakroom with a corridor ladder. Ingeniously designed intervals allow every corner of the space to be fully utilized.

2, the area does not have to

The size of the cloakroom does not have to be large, and a large amount of clothing can be stored by using shelves, drawers, and the like. In addition to clothes, shoes and hats, handbags, bath towels, bedding, hair toys, etc. can be placed. In general, the area of ​​the cloakroom should be more than 4 square meters. It is guaranteed to give the owner plenty of room for activities. The interior of the cloakroom is also divided according to the type of clothing, generally in the hanging area, the stacking area, the underwear area, the footwear area and the bedding area.

3, U or L shape

The internal form of the cloakroom is based on the existing spatial pattern, and the squares are mostly U-shaped; the narrow and long parallel arrangement is better; the wide and long shape is suitable for the L-shaped arrangement.

4, a full set of configuration

The cloakroom can be fully configured by the furniture manufacturer or it can be designed with the overall design of the room. In order to save space, the door is mostly designed to be push-pull. The inside wardrobe generally does not need to be a door, or the transparent glass is used as a dust-proof door, so that it is convenient to see at the time of dressing.

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