Films and their corresponding proofs are the best choice to reduce errors and save cost and time. The proofing corresponding to the film is closest to the printed product. The effect of the printed matter displayed on the computer screen is much brighter than the actual printed product and cannot be used as an equivalent reference material. Therefore, the proofing of printing shall prevail.

· This is because the colors of the display and the color paper products are formed quite differently. The display uses the principles of the three primary colors of red, green, and blue to emit light. This principle of color formation is called RGB, and it is widely used in televisions and computer monitors.

· Color printing is the printing of red, yellow, blue and black inks on paper products to form color images. This principle is called CMYK and it is widely used in four-color offset printing technology.

· Another important cause of the obvious difference between computer display and print, namely the color standard of the display. If your computer's monitor fails to correct the colors correctly, the computer's display performance will also be different from that of the correctly calibrated computer monitors. Therefore, it is very necessary for professional and technical personnel to adjust the display effect in time.

· Differences in printed materials can also make print effects different. Generally speaking, the printing effect of coated paper is much brighter than that of offset paper.

The above preparations can help everyone reduce various possible problems. Accelerate the delivery process to avoid increased costs.

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