Top brands:

ARC'TERYX Jackets recognized top. No matter how work or technology is full of luxury!

THE NORTH FACE I think that is China's most influential international high-end brand, although it is now affected by fakes and some negative news, but I look at the style and quality of its new products without losing the style of the factory, it is definitely worth buying!

SALEWA Germany's top brands, work materials used solid!

BLACK YAK South Korea's top 3 brands, work materials are solid, but the price is high!

The top brand of MARMOT Alpine Equipment is absolutely top quality!

MOUNTAIN HARDWARE Needless to say this brand, top. Technology and workmanship are comparable to Archaeopteryx.

MAMMUT hasn't made any big moves in the domestic market, but the high mountain equipment is first class!

Ward (VAUDE) own unique Jackets fabric, exquisite workmanship, first-class quality!

COLUMBIA's own design of fabrics, factory style.

LAFUMA is the world's 3 largest outdoor products group, but recently the LAFUMA brand has performed poorly in the domestic market.

AIGLE France's top outdoor products brand, innovative design, simple with French-style romance, the top brand alternative.

LoweAlphine This company designed the functional outerwear mainly for alpine adventures, highlighting the lightness and wear resistance. Suitable for hiking, ice climbing and other high-intensity outdoor activities.

Although OZARK is completely ineligible for quality and functionality, it is not even comparable to the above brands. Even though it is not as good as a lot of mid-range products, its positioning and price are indeed the only domestic brands that can be counted as world-class.

Mid-range brand:

KAILAS The reason why I put KAILAS at the top of the mid-range brand is because it is well-known from the KAILAS technology (Hot Sealing, only Arc'teryx, MHW and KAILAS), quality and price. Mid-range brand leader.

SKOGSTAD's price of around $1,000, and the adoption of Sympatex fabrics, is undoubtedly an important weight for Scottsdale to compete in the mid-level market. The selection of Skogosta is mainly based on the quality of Sympatex fabrics.

The work of Polestar (SHEHE) Pleiades I think is the most top-notch domestic brand. I only see SHEHE using circular patches. The OEMs of Polestar who used to be MARMOT have accumulated a lot of experience. The workmanship is very delicate. , 3 and 2 laminated plastic jacket can also provide a good waterproof breathable function, but unfortunately the fabric breathable performance at low temperatures is not satisfactory, if only a general walk across SHEHE is a good choice.

SNOW WOLF adopts DENTIK waterproof and breathable fabrics. There are technical support from Dengtian Company, reasonable price, excellent workmanship, and continuous improvement. Now it has become the preferred brand of DENTIK fabric products on the market.

Kaitu (K2summit) adopts DENTIK waterproof and breathable fabric, which has a solid workmanship and a good reputation. It is a good choice.

Krantz's domestic brands have excellent representatives. The materials used in the work are domestic first-rate, and they are designed to mimic the appearance of Archaeopteryx Jackets. Many donkey lovers love it, and domestic brands are cheerful.

Anemaqing (ANEMAQEN) uses DENTIK waterproof breathable fabric, solid workmanship.

NORTHLAND foreign brands, fine workmanship, advanced technology, a good choice for high-end brands.

CAMPLAND This company has been a long-term international market and OEM, exquisite workmanship, product maturity, in the ALICE has a very good reputation!

SinTeryx is a new brand with good materials and novel design. This company has accumulated a lot of experience from long-term OEMs. It is believed that the company's products will be a big attraction in the future.

Moundety Italian brand, the product uses a soft and comfortable fabric with a strong waterproof, the use of Velcro is also a major feature, workmanship is also very fine, but the appearance of the old-fashioned design, not to ask people like it, but out of At relatively low prices, there is also a strong competitive edge in mid-range products.

Kolumbo German brand, low cost. The product is suitable for use by starters.

The Atunas Taiwan brand is positioned too casually, with a beautiful appearance and good workmanship.

Low-end brand:

ONE POLAR representative of the low-end products, there is a certain amount of gold, the general entry ALICE or low-intensity ALICE hiking can choose.

TTISS Although TTISS is a world famous brand, it is the basis of its ski series to lay the foundation for it. Its Jackets series can only be regarded as low-end products and used as an entry-level product.

KINGCAMP has made rapid progress in domestic brands and low-end products in recent years.

PURELAND's Jackets series can only be used as an entry or general travel option.

The BACK PACKERS strictly speaking can not be regarded as a low-grade brand, but according to its market performance positioning, I put it in the low-grade column for the time being. The Pacers have their own fabrics, and its progress is also very Fast, can be the first choice for low-end brands!

Nikko low-end products, mid-range price, not recommended to buy, rough work, simple materials.

Alpex's entry-level products are cost-effective and feature-rich. It is a good choice for getting new donkeys and low-intensity hiking and traveling.

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