[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Wardrobe is one of the commonly used furniture in the family. Nowadays, there are more and more wardrobe categories on the market, and the wardrobe can be customized according to the wishes of consumers. Today, Xiaobian introduces a Mocha Walnut into the wall with a word wardrobe/sliding door.

Top wardrobe

product description:

Evaluation brand top solid wardrobe

Evaluation product Mocha walnut into the wall word wardrobe / sliding door

The top-solid Mocha Walnut Wall-mounted Wardrobe/Sliding Door Top Lifestyle series represents a successful man with thoughts, ambitions and a certain social status.

Ultra-high ultra-wide grain-grain sliding door: representing masculine, unconstrained, strength, elegance, honor, middle-class and above, successful people, performance dignity, expression of taste, rich and cultural, self-cultivation and pursuit, and some must have...

Wardrobe evaluation

The sliding door frames are all made of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy, and the middle plate is made of plastic wood. The partition of the wall-mounted wardrobe is reasonable, and the functions of the long-clothing area, the short-clothing area, the storage, and the four-zone area are reasonably distributed.

Hidden mirror

Top wardrobe

The dressing mirror is hidden in the dressing area and the fitting mirror can be pulled out when trying on the clothes. There is such a hidden mirror in the bedroom, which saves the bedroom space and becomes a clever design at home.

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