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Welcome to surf our luxury paper packages.We are good at manufacturing the shoes box.

Looking shoebox development, from the original monotonous and simple has been developed to upscale, gorgeous, beautiful, practical, substitute other items for installing the package (in the family) of the current situation and trends as well as to continue to develop, now has With plastic shoebox of environmental degradation. With the development of China's footwear manufacturing, shoe industry has also been developed at the same time, China's shoe is now exported all over the country all over the world have a shoe manufacturing enterprises, especially the momentum of Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang area develop rapidly.

Here are some products of our company shoe boxes showing:

Shoe box

This box is made of perfect corrugated paper wrapped coat one side paper.This kind of Shoe Box can be used for sport shoes,casual shoes,or other shoes boxes.

It has the nice handmade process and the nice printing for packing the shoes.

 shoe box

As you can see,this krown box materials are high quality kraft paper without any printing.It is the plane structure box and with the has the strong hardness for packing the shoes ans protect the shoes.Its size is 190x150x80mm.It is nice for baby shose displaying.

shoe box

Nice hot gold stamping can bring the best visual viewing for the box,and the high quality specialty paper can let the appearance to be more loyal.It will bring the good mood to the one you give this shoes box to.

We have many years experience for producing the Paper Box packaging.Welcome to our shose box trip!Wish you have a nice trip!

Shoe Paper Box

Child Shoe Box,Male Shoe Box,Female Shoe Box

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