[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the development of the economy, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the taste of furniture is getting higher and higher. In addition to paying attention to the exquisite appearance, they also look at their taste. The European-style wardrobe is very strong. The color of Western culture, its noble, luxurious, romantic, classical characteristics, makes people feel like a dream. In order to better meet the needs of consumers, European-style wardrobes have also derived more sub-styles, such as European pastoral style, Jane European style, modern European style, etc. These styles of wardrobes have the unique charm of European-style wardrobes, because they are subject to Many consumers love, then what should we pay attention to when choosing a European-style wardrobe?

First, look at raw materials, different materials for different people

European wardrobe purchase

European wardrobe purchase

The raw materials of the European-style whole wardrobe in the market are solid wood, leather art, fabric, board wood, etc. The solid wood is generally more environmentally friendly and more luxurious, but the price is relatively expensive; the European-style wardrobe of leather art looks fine on the exterior. . Each has its own charm, each has its own characteristics. If you have rich economic conditions, you can consider solid wood. If you are relatively restrained, you can choose fabric and plate. Different materials are suitable for different people.

Second, look at the style, different styles show different charms

European wardrobe

European wardrobe purchase

European style wardrobes can be divided into European pastoral style and European classical style. European pastoral gardens seek to return to nature. The colors are mainly white, supplemented by markings or articles, and the local atmosphere is vividly painted. European classical More is the continuation of the aristocratic smell of the European royal court, the color is rich, the appearance is noble and elegant. Therefore, the United States and Australia suggest that when choosing a European wardrobe, we must consider the decoration style of the living room and buy the European wardrobe style that matches it.

Wood Massage Bed

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wooden facial bed

1. wooden base.

2. heavy duty capacity.

3. upholstered with vinyl for durability and stain resistance.

4. back adjustable.

5. towel support available.

6. the table has widening armrests and soften lower armrest

7. angle and height of the headrest are both adjustable.

8. suitable for hotel, health club, beauty saloon, hospital and massager school.

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