At 8:00 on the evening of the 3.6th, the gold eight o'clock file, Beckma toilet 799 yuan / piece

Product model: Beckma BKM-8006 one-piece toilet

Flush volume: 3-6.0l

Key type: press two-step type

Drainage method: floor row

Flushing method: siphon

Cover material: ABS resin

Reference price: 1598.00 yuan / set

Product advantages:

1. The overall material of the toilet is 1280 ℃ high-temperature ceramic integrated firing, without cracking, permanent use;

2. The surface of the toilet is made of Zhijie glaze, thickened glaze, easy to clean without staining;

3. The toilet water tank uses "WDI" water parts, the sound of water in and out is small, and there is no noise in water saving;

4. The toilet keys use water-saving 3L / 6L flushing technology, energy saving and reasonable use;

5. The toilet drain adopts an S-shaped drain large curve design to prevent odor from rising, good odor prevention, and no odor;

6. Glaze is applied to the entire drain of the toilet bowl, without clogging, non-adhesion, and smooth forever.

7. The toilet flushing adopts the design of runway flushing, rotating 3 power flushing system, concentrated impulse, fast speed, large force, no residue of flushing, one step in place;

8. The toilet cover is equipped with damping function, buffered high-temperature resin design, no noise, and long service life;

First, the appearance of the first experience

Beckma BKM-8006 siphonic one-piece toilet, the bottom is all-inclusive. Compared to other toilets that are specially designed in form, they are easier to clean. Because the toilet is relatively wet, and the toilet is generally placed in the corner, the one-piece design is not easy to produce sanitary dead corners. Moreover, the all-inclusive design can not see the sewage pipe, the appearance of the line is smooth, and the installation and maintenance are also more convenient.

2. Evaluation details

1. Glaze finish evaluation

The Bei Kema piece toilet, using chi-cleaning enamel surfaces using a high temperature above 1260 ° baked delicate feel smooth, shiny and shiny porcelain.

This toilet performs multiple glaze treatments on the outside and inside of the pipe to ensure smooth drainage, keep it clean and hygienic at all times, dirt is difficult to adhere, and cleaning is more convenient.

2. Anti-scratch test of the cover

Inevitable bumps in life. The main material of the toilet cover is made of high temperature resin, which has high hardness and good wear resistance. The tester used a hard object to scratch the cover surface without leaving any scratches.

3. Evaluation of slow down cover

The BKM-8006 one-piece toilet is still equipped with a damping slow-fall cover, which is silent and protects the toilet cylinder. It is easy to install, easy to disassemble and wash, and it is more humanized.

4. Cover plate disassembly test

Although this toilet is integrally formed, the cover part can be completely disassembled and installed at will.

The connection between the cover plate and the toilet body is completed by two screws, so if you need to remove the cover plate for cleaning, just remove these two screws with a screwdriver.

5. Water tank evaluation

Beckma BKM-8006 one-piece toilet adopts double-grade water-saving design, and adopts double-grade equipment in the design of water fittings. The 3 / 6-liter gear can facilitate users to wash according to different needs.

Open the water tank cover, you can see the design of the two-stage flush button in the middle of the cover.

Looking at the water parts inside the water tank, they are made of ABS engineering plastic material, which is more corrosion-resistant and durable than ordinary metal water parts.

The brand logo of water accessories-WDI, also known as Wadia, is a water accessories brand with high cost performance in the domestic market.

6. Water saving test

Beckma BKM-8006 siphonic one-piece toilet can be flushed three times in a row, one of which takes one third.

This is the first time after flushing, the water level line is located at 1/3 of the water tank.

After the second flush, the water level line is located at 2/3 of the tank.

The third time the water was flushed, all the water in the water tank was used up.

Immediately afterwards was the highlight of this evaluation. The testers took everyone to witness the Beckma BKM-8006 siphonic one-piece toilet flushing challenge the water-saving limit.

7. Ball test with strong impact

The first is the impact ball test. In the first round, the staff put 90 balls into the toilet together.

It can be seen from the display in the above picture that 90 balls can be washed away with a single flush, and the speed is very fast. Fortunately, the responder's camera responds fast enough, otherwise you will miss this miraculous picture.

8. Towel test with strong impulse

Next is the impulse towel test. In the second round, put a towel into the toilet.

Of course, the probability of throwing towels into the toilet in daily life is not high. But we also can't guarantee that our mischievous kid will not give you a prank.

The assessor presses the 3L flush button.

Look, under the strong water impact, the towel has started to be partly caught in the pipe by the current.

In a blink of an eye, a towel was washed away by the toilet. It seems that the towel can't betray the Beckma toilet.

9. Glaze stain resistance test

Toilet cleaning has always been a key item for household cleaning, so the stain resistance of the ceramic glaze of the toilet is very critical. In order to test the dirt resistance of the Beckma BKM-8006 one-piece toilet, the assessor used a large pen to write randomly on the surface of the toilet.

In fact, this smooth surface is not easy to write on. This also shows from another angle that the smooth glaze of the Beckma toilet makes it difficult for dirt to stick.

Ten minutes later, the ink and ink traces that had been air-dried were wiped off lightly with a rag, and they were quickly wiped away to restore the original white and clean.

3. Evaluation summary

This Beckma BKM-8006 one-piece toilet, inherits the excellent quality of Beckma bathroom, the ceramic glaze is smooth and smooth, anti-fouling and anti-bacterial. The design of S-shaped big bend to prevent odor from rising. The full glaze drainage pipe makes it perform very well in terms of water saving, and the buffer-type easy-to-remove cover plate is humane and considerate in details. Super jet siphon flushing, 800 times the sewage replacement capacity, exceeding the national standard by 100 times. It is a good water-saving toilet. I recommend it to all the friends who are decorating.

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