Exquisite OL makeup makeup step diagram

Are MMs who are sitting in the office and repeating the same work every day getting tired of life? Also, is your makeup the same color tone every day? If so, you may change from now on. Add a little color to yourself and add some fun! Today, Xiaobian recommends the illustration of this exquisite OL makeup makeup step . I hope that the girls who want to change will start from their own makeup and create your color!

OL makeup needs cosmetics

Exquisite OL makeup makeup step diagram

·MACPREP+PRIME charm makeup front milk

· L'Oreal Rejuvenating Firming Foundation

· L'Oreal Acrylic Lightening Brightening Brightening BB Cream

·MAC charm soft mist moisturizing powder cake 02# SPF15 PA+

·MAC charm matte lipstick FLAT OUT FABULOUS

·CHANNEL CRAYON SOURCILS Chanel Eyebrow Pencil 40#

·MAC charm dazzling pearl eye shadow combination Brownluxe brown color (5 colors: egg shell eggshell color, frosty orange gold cold orange gold, light yellow chocolate light yellow coffee color, deep bronze deep bronze, blackened plum with pearl dark pearl powder Fuchsia)

· L'Oreal 眸 deep eyeliner (dark black)

· L'Oreal Secret Butterfly Wing Mascara

·Shiseido heart machine makeup 臻 腮 red

· Maybelline New York color imprint eyeshadow

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