March is the peak season for new products, and many cabinets are being introduced to attract consumers. Nowadays, the competition in the cabinet industry is fierce. Many cabinet operators said that the consumer purchase standard is no longer limited to pure product quality. The added value of service and after-sales will often become the reference for consumers. Changes in consumer demand have directly triggered an overall change in the cabinet industry.

Faced with this industry change, cabinet businesses must change their mindset, innovate profitable models, learn new management methods, open up new channels, and increase sales, so that they can firmly establish themselves in the market.

Innovative profit model

At present, cabinet dealers must improve their profitability, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, optimize inventory structure, strengthen information management, reduce operating costs, and transition from cost center to profit center. In addition, we must also achieve the innovation of the profit model, which is mainly reflected in three aspects: First, give full play to the linkage effect and word-of-mouth effect of the customer base, serve the old customers, attract new customers; Second, leverage the force to increase the invisibility Channel development; for the target customer group and home improvement company in-depth cooperation, the use of the designer's authoritative recommendation effect, to promote and stimulate customer buying desire; Third, targeted promotion with real estate companies, residential properties, media and other joint promotion.

Realize customer resource sharing

The earliest business model for cabinet dealers was very simple, just trying to sell the products. Now the cabinet market is an era in which many brands are robbing resources, and dealers cannot stick to the rules.

With the fierce competition in the market, many dealers began to choose a diversified business model, actively use the concept of big home, cooperate with brand merchants such as decoration, wallpaper, carpet (carpet decoration rendering) of the same brand level to realize customer resource sharing and realize The product is “cap-type” centralized sales promotion to reduce the overall brand promotion costs and jointly seize a larger market share. Multi-category cross-industry marketing will be the future development trend of cabinet dealers, and there will be many new models.

Do a good job in branding

Any brand can not do without sales, no sales can not achieve the brand. A good brand must have a good service, and a good service will inevitably bring a good reputation. Therefore, service is the basis of brand marketing.

All along, cabinet dealers are agents of other people's brands. As their strength continues to grow, their willingness to create their own brands is growing stronger. On the one hand, they can prove their strength and attract more attention from manufacturers; on the other hand, It can improve the loyalty of consumers and create their own brand will become the development direction of the dealers. Of course, whether a dealer can transform itself into a brand depends on his influence and market share in the market.

Standardize corporate management

It is understood that although many cabinet dealers have done a lot, the management links have been relatively weak, and they are extensive and cannot keep up with the development of enterprises.

Only by implementing corporate management, dealers can make themselves more competitive in the market and truly grow bigger and stronger. To truly achieve this goal, dealers must first work hard from their own, learn scientific management methods, establish a sound supervision and management system, improve the personnel training mechanism, and build their own core team.

Dealers should conduct professional and systematic marketing training for sales personnel from time to time, including terminal retailing techniques, group buying and selling skills, activity execution standards, dressing standards, and language requirements. Through systematic and effective training, we can gradually build a marketing team that can fight efficiently.

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