Today, we will bring you the Bolt’s leg training menu.

Overhanging belly

Use abdominal muscles

Stimulates the core, buttocks and legs by stimulating the legs and lifting the legs

Lay a solid foundation for training in other parts

Overhanging legs

Clamp your fitness ball with your legs, lift your calf forward to the height of your navel, and lower it to strengthen your leg strength.

Further strengthen the stimulation of the lower abdomen and core muscles.

box horse

Standing in front of the box, feet and shoulders wide, jump on the box, repeat training

This is an enhanced training that helps increase explosive power, but it also has a lot of impact on the knees and joints.

Arrow step

Step on one foot and make a bow and step down, keep your upper body straight and alternate your legs.

This action allows every part of the thigh to participate in the movement.

Including the entire calf and buttocks, it has a good effect on the lower body muscles.

High leg running

Agile hurdle

The thigh is raised to the horizontal position, and the heel is close to the hip

This training can quickly increase heart rate, accelerate fat consumption, stimulate core muscles, and strengthen leg strength.

Leg curl

Focus on tightening and strengthening the muscles behind the hips and thighs

Helps improve the support and explosiveness of the leg muscles

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