In order to pack meat in common materials, soaked in blood and grease, will cling to the meat, and even cause the surface to form a hard skin, a French company has recently developed a double layered film to avoid these defect.

According to reports, this newly developed double-layer superimposed film, the outer layer is a high-density polyethylene film with a special structure and performance, the inner layer is a piece of paper that can be eaten. The superposed bilayer membrane is translucent and very thin with a thickness of 12 μm. According to its chemical composition, this plastic film is inert and non-toxic. It can be directly contacted with foods, used to package meat, does not penetrate blood and grease, does not adhere to meat, and can maintain the original color of meat. Fragrance and taste are very popular with the market.

Reprinted from: China Food Industry Network

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