Urban and rural fruit consumption has emerged as a feature of buying new food and eating fresh, small quantities. Nowadays, more than 10 kilograms of boxed fruits are on the market, which of course does not meet the needs of most consumers. In response to this feature, some dealers have launched 3-5 kg ​​packages, or even less. These small packaged fruits are favored by consumers and sales have doubled.
Fine-quality ocean fruits frequently hit the domestic market and often find a breakthrough in packaging. Some domestic fine fruits, their appearance and internal quality can be fully contend with foreign goods. In particular, in recent years, the phenomenal fruit of printing, printing, and special styling, as long as packaging can keep up, can completely occupy the domestic boutique market, and even go abroad to participate in international competition.
Transparency According to a sample survey, more than 95% of consumers have to look out of the box when they buy a boxed fruit. Some fruit growers adopt partially transparent materials in packaging, which not only increases the sense of beauty, but also enhances consumers’ desire for purchase and trust. It can be described as the best of both worlds.
Combination of some dealers ingenuity, according to a certain combination of packaging. For example, round apples, long bananas, and bunches of grapes with different switches are packaged together, and the promotion effect is very obvious. In addition, it can also be combined and packaged according to different colors, different properties, and different production areas. From another perspective, it is also possible to pack a variety of fruits in a variety of combinations. For example, a box of apples containing Fuji, Qin Guan, Guo Guang and other varieties, consumers are very willing to enjoy this kind of taste and treatment.
Diversification In response to the current phenomenon of multi-mechanical square carton packaging, some fruit farmers have made new attempts and the sales results are very satisfactory.
In production, starting from materials, try wooden boxes, plastic boxes and metal boxes instead of cartons. Secondly, start with shapes and replace squares with shapes such as round, directional, and conjoined shapes. Third, start with the production process. Mechanism artifacts are handicraft artifacts.
Some distributors have focused on their use and introduced various types of packaging, such as self-use cheap models, gift-blessing models, travel-friendly models, and place-of-origin commemorative models.
In short, every new change can stimulate a new kind of consumer desire, so as to achieve the goal of expanding sales.

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