In the future press conference, electronic paper may replace Notepad.
Last week, at the 2007 Fujitsu North American Technology Forum Conference, electronic paper was one of the fruits of many futuristic technologies showcased by the lab.

Fujitsu's color electronic paper is an ultra-thin liquid crystal display that is about to enter the market.

Similar to the ebook reader, Fujitsu's color e-paper can display color content. Although the color is not so good, it is more suitable for commercial applications than black and white content. In addition, this electronic paper does not require a battery when displaying pictures, which means that this technology can be used for notes.

However, if you want to display active pictures, such as movie screens, Fujitsu's e-paper will need electricity. But the power needed is very low and the phone can make it work. Therefore, Dave Marvit, a Fujitsu special project consultant, said that this technology can be applied to small mobile devices.

Can't browse the site on your phone's small screen? Connect it to an electronic paper, such as an 8-inch, 640,480 resolution e-paper, and you can browse the site very well. If it is suspected that 8 inches is too small, Fujitsu is studying 12 inches of electronic paper. Fujitsu spokesman Mike Beirne said that they will eventually develop 2.5 meters of electronic paper.

For people who advocate privacy protection, radio frequency ID (RFID) technology can be a bad news, but the medical and hospitality industry may eventually embrace this technology.

Fujitsu has manufactured a flexible, waterproof RFID tag that can be sewn into hospital clothing.

Because it uses "non-volatile ferroelectric memory" (FRAM), Fujitsu's radio frequency identification tag can carry more information, so it can be applied to objects such as passports. This memory saves space, but it is more expensive.

Since such labels do not need to be individually scanned like barcodes, large items of clothing can be scanned and registered at a time. This makes the hospital clothing cleaning process cheap and fast. At present, the price of each Fujitsu's RFID tag is between US$2 and US$3, but in 2010, the company hopes its price will drop below US$1.

Fujitsu is also developing a technology that hides digital information in pictures, the so-called "steganography" technique, which is more interesting than washing clothes because it helps you to buy things.

For example, if you see an advertisement for a snowboard in an outdoor magazine and you have Fujitsu's software installed on your mobile phone, you only need to take a photo of a snowboard with your mobile phone. Then, this ski-seller's website, video Or additional ads will appear on your phone.

Information camouflage technology does not destroy the picture of the image, and the human eyes cannot perceive the information hidden in the picture. Although this technology has not yet appeared in the U.S. market, Fujitsu has already cooperated with NTT DoCoMo, the largest mobile communications operator in Japan. The Japanese market has already applied this technology for a year. Beirne said that this technology is particularly suitable for tourism and tourism. map.

Fujitsu also demonstrated a prototype that uses human blood vessels to protect private information. Since the blood vessels in each person's hands are unique, researchers have developed patterns that use these blood vessel trends to access security information.

Using hardware sensors and Fujitsu's software, this technology can not only identify the blood vessels on the palm of your hand, but it can also identify hemoglobin in the blood vessels. This can tell whether the blood in the blood vessels of the system is warm and whether the palm of the person's hand is Is alive, with this technology, people can access confidential information, such as government data, or patent records.

Fujitsu stated that the technology has been sold around the world, but only one U.S. hospital has put it into use.

Reprinted from: Good Packaging Network

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