One of the most popular consumers in the new consumer law is that the introduction of the new rules of “seven days no reason to return” means that consumers’ online shopping “repentance rights” will be protected by law. This article greatly protects the rights and interests of consumers. But on the other hand, companies have a lot of concerns. As far as custom furniture is concerned, its own size is customized. If it is returned, it is difficult to sell it again. Therefore, it is generally necessary for the consumer to place an order and then go to the factory. Semi-finished furniture requires consumers to combine, disassemble, and sell hard after returning.

Production after custom furniture ordering

The "Internet Trading Management Measures" stipulates that "consumer-made", "and other goods that are unsuitable for return according to the nature of the goods and confirmed by the consumer at the time of purchase, are not applicable for no reason to return", as for how to define the new regulations No detailed instructions were made. The reporter learned from the enterprise that the current non-standardized products are mostly semi-finished products. Only after the consumer places an order, the enterprise will produce according to the specific needs of the consumer's order. The demand includes “size, color, material, fabric”, etc. Wait. "It is not an exaggeration to define the household products as 'customized by consumers', and we will repeatedly confirm with consumers before placing the order to the factory." Wu Nani, general manager of Qumei Furniture pointed out.

Combination furniture disassembly is difficult to resell

"Consumer returned goods should be in good condition", this is another provision in the "Internet Trading Management Measures", and the "good" mentioned in the regulations is not specified. Jiuzheng Building Materials Network learned that in addition to sofas, chairs and some building materials, household products that are sent to consumers are mostly semi-finished products, which need to be installed and debugged before they can be used. If the product is returned after being unpacked, assembled, disassembled, packaged, etc., “the basics will be scrapped and cannot be resold.” Zhang Guohui, director of the brand management center of Cool Manju, told the reporter truthfully.

Logistics costs and other return costs are quite high

In addition, the new regulations also pointed out that "the freight is borne by the consumer" for no reason to return. The reporter learned that the disassembly and packaging of household products require professional operation. If consumers do not have certain technical strength, it is very difficult to operate. In addition, consumer self-pay returns involve "logistics fees and packaging fees", of which logistics costs account for about 10%-15% of the transaction price of the product, packaging costs account for about 5%, so the return cost will be high.

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