[ Chinese wardrobe network ] New Year is approaching, people's yearning for home and attachment is more intense, the cold of winter also let the people away from home have a burst of homesickness. Whether you are single or have a family, whether you are wandering or have a place to live, the pursuit of warmth is always the same, and home is the best carrier of warmth. The wardrobe is standard for every family. On the occasion of the New Year, tailor-made a warm heart wardrobe will give the New Year a new look and make the whole family more happy.

New Year's wardrobe design focus: warm heart color, new year for "new face"

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New year wardrobe

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The overall color of this cloakroom is soft and warm white, free from the thick winter, pure color matching, can also make this winter more wonderful and warm. In addition, the cloakroom is fitted with a dark bronze handle, adorned with ornate carvings, and the lines are rounded for a charming atmosphere. If you build such a cloakroom a few years ago, it will not only solve the family's storage problems, but also add a beautiful landscape to the whole family, which also highlights the owner's taste.

New Year wardrobe design focus: environmentally friendly plates, warm heart more assured

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Sophia wardrobe

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The fine details of this wardrobe are luxurious, as if you are in the comfort of the court life, looking for an elegant and noble quality of life. The overall wardrobe material is made of 10mm MDF (door of the door), 18mm solid wood particle board (layer) and 5mm MDF (backboard). After 14 processes, it is subjected to high temperature and high pressure, and the surface is made of imported melamine double veneer. Germany Haomai mechanical automatic cutting, PVC round edge sealing, in addition, the formaldehyde emission of the wardrobe sheet strictly enforces the industry's highest environmental standards, each piece of material has reached the national standard GB18584-2001, can be used with confidence.

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