The same equipment, almost production employees, and some companies can produce products that the customer is satisfied with, resulting in a steady stream of orders; while some companies have returned goods once and for all because of product non-compliance, and ultimately lost customers. Lost his wife and folded soldiers." Why did the customer learn about the quality requirements for the production of cartons, the design department, the workshop, did the customer find the reason for the return, did you draw attention to the quality problems that occurred in the previous batch? If the answer is negative, It shows that there is something wrong with your company's quality information transmission.

All corrugated box companies have such feelings. The market competition is becoming fiercer and more and more stringent. In order to ensure that customer quality information can be understood in a timely manner, and delivered to the relevant departments of the company to be able to effectively deal with it, to meet the quality requirements of customers to strengthen quality communication with customers, corrugated box companies need to establish a quality information transfer processing platform. Ensure the smooth flow of information and close the loop. Customer Quality Information Collection Channel

Customer quality information includes potential and explicit quality information collection:

Visit clients regularly and on demand, listen to customer opinions on site

Mainly through the following channels

The quality department formulates the customer visit plan according to the demand, and visits the customer with the help of the business department at regular and random intervals, listens to the customer's opinions at the scene, and sorts out the opinions received. Under normal circumstances, you must listen to opinions at least once a month.

Using customer satisfaction surveys to feed back information

The business staff is responsible for the collection and feedback of information on the customer satisfaction survey form. By issuing the customer satisfaction survey form, it investigates the customer’s satisfaction with product quality and supply services, collects customer opinions, and satisfies customer satisfaction. The degree questionnaire is fed back to the quality department.

Customer quality feedback and quality complaint collection

Business personnel are responsible for the on-site quality tracking and service of relevant business units. After receiving quality feedback and quality complaints, business personnel should rush to the scene and feedback the quality information to the quality department at the first time. The quality department makes emergency measures according to the quality information. Communicate with customers.

Customer's quality feedback and quality accident rectification notice

The customer's quality feedback and quality accident rectification notices are usually directly written back to the company in written form. The quality department will feedback the rectification results and organize the registration.

Return product quality information analysis summary

The retired product is a defective product that the customer uses in the production site. The corrugated paper box enterprise needs to treat the retired product seriously, analyze the cause of the quality problem, and summarize and register the retired quality information analysis. Quality information registration and rectification feedback

Quality Information Registration File

The quality department is responsible for establishing the customer quality information ledger for the collected quality information, correcting each quality information, and setting up rectification and prevention records.

Treatment of quality information must be rectified in place to prevent effective

The quality department is responsible for analyzing the causes of quality accidents through quality site meetings and quality improvement for each quality information, implementing quality responsibilities, formulating rectification measures, issuing rectification deadlines, implementing by the responsible department, and conducting follow-up inspection and verification of the rectifications. Whether or not the responsible department's rectification is effective and effective, and avoid the recurrence of similar quality accidents.

The quality department collects the collected quality information every week, analyzes the potential unqualified causes, and proposes preventive measures against the factors affecting the product quality. The relevant departments shall implement the measures to eliminate potential nonconformities and prevent unqualification. occur.

Quality Improvement Meetings and Quality Training

According to the summary of quality information, a quality training plan is formulated, and the quality department is responsible for organizing relevant personnel to convene quality improvement meetings or quality training in order to improve the staff's quality awareness and corresponding skill level, which is not less than twice per week.

Author/Li Yutian

Source of information "Corrugated carton" 2005, 9

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