Faced with the problem of pigmentation, many women now choose the method of laser freckle. However, some skin-sensitive beauty may have some redness and swelling after the freckle, which makes the beauty-lovers fear the harm of laser freckle. Experts pointed out that in fact, these are normal conditions, and generally disappear within 2 hours, that is, laser freckle is not harmful.
Laser freckle damage laser freckle freckle equipment laser freckle technology
Experts said that laser freckle is the use of laser selective light absorption, using different absorption coefficients of different tissues in the skin, only on the target tissue of the stain, light energy is converted into heat in the target tissue of the stain, without damage In the case of normal skin tissue, a laser beam of a specific wavelength is transmitted through the epidermis and the dermis layer to destroy the pigment cells and the pigment particles, and the pigment fragments are absorbed and treated by the macrophages in the body, thereby causing corresponding ecchymosis and maintenance effects.
Unlike traditional chemical or physical exfoliation methods, laser freckle uses a method that minimizes skin trauma to completely remove stains, so safety and effectiveness are more desirable. Laser freckle not only does not require hospitalization, no side effects, no scars, and the effect is significant, does not affect the normal working life, so it is loved by beauty lovers.
What is the cause of the laser freckle?
Although laser freckle is safe, it is not foolproof. Some beauty lovers have found that their skin has been damaged after laser freckle. What is going on? Meilai experts pointed out that the skin is hurt because the beauty is not regular. The hospital accepts professional freckle treatment, laser freckle is definitely not a general life beauty, laser freckle has very high requirements for doctor technology and freckle equipment, and regular plastic surgery hospital can have professional doctors and advanced equipment.
Expert technology affects the safety of laser freckle.
In addition, experts pointed out that in fact, the safety of laser freckle and freckle experts and instruments are inseparable. Freckle experts are very important to grasp the condition and treatment experience. Because the wavelength of the photon emitted by the laser freckle instrument must be judged by the doctor, and a professional physician must be a trained dermatologist to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.
Freckle equipment affects the safety of laser freckle
The safety of laser freckle also depends on the quality of the device itself. The different therapeutic effects of the device are of course different. The laser freckle instrument in the regular hospital can effectively avoid the side effects of traditional freckle treatment, such as palliative, rough skin, enlarged pores, etc., and easily solve various dark pigments such as chloasma.

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