Before installing the ring ditch cover, the quality of the ditch cover, especially the strength class, shall be checked and the design requirements shall be met. There shall be no cracks, falling angles, honeycombs, pockmarks, and straight seams in the middle.


When installing, the top surface of the wall should be cleaned and moistened, and the undercover mortar and the cover plate should be controlled in two aspects. The first is the elevation, which is related to the smooth drainage of the entire plastic. The other is a straight drainage hole on the cover plate. After installation, the drainage hole should be on a straight line, which is related to the beauty of the entire field. Therefore, when installing, there must be an elevation control line. Each piece of the cover plate must be flattened, uniform in elevation, and placed firmly. After installing the first cover plate, place a cover plate every 10m as a direction control board. Use the middle drainage hole of the two cover plates to pull a line as the reference line for the midline control. When it is not in alignment, it may not be adjusted, but it is required that the centerline control cannot be dislocated. In fact, it is the continuous operation of the four processes of pulp-in-the-plate-adjusting-adjusting the center line, and the deviation of the outside of the cover plate from the error of the work flow regardless of the outside.

The ring ditch is mainly installed with elevation and centerline, which is related to site use and aesthetics. At the same time, it requires stable installation, tight joints, dense mortar padding, and with the installation of debris to clean the bottom of the trench, the quality requirements of the installation cover The following table.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete cover installation quality requirements


Allowable deviation


Test frequency

Testing method



Centerline offset




A small amount of thread

The height difference between two adjacent boards




Using ruler

Plate bottom wall length




Use ruler

Sheet seam filling mortar





Note: The strength grade of the prefabricated reinforced concrete cover plate should meet the design requirements, and the appearance should be free of cracks, no drop-off and other defects.

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