Intermec Inc. (Intermec Inc.) announced that its newly-released IF5 fixed RFID reader upgrade was rated as the most outstanding product in the “Contiguous Gate Usage Category” by UDIN technologies.

The IF5 upgrade will read more tags per second and provide greater radio frequency sensitivity and reliability. IF5's evaluation results are equal to or better than best-in-class competitors, and are calculated by reading the number of tags per time unit. The read rate is equivalent to the fastest reading competitor and belongs to the category of “highly sensitive” readers. .

Intermec's IF5 is a "smart" fixed reader that can run business intelligence and decision-making processes at the point of motion, filter information from tags, monitor external sensors, and control audio/video indicators. Users deploying other RFID scanning solutions require a separate server "box", and using IF5 readers can avoid the associated costs and the potential problems. Just like other Intermec reader products, the IF5 can read and write ISO and Gen2 RFID tags.

Christopher Fennig, Director of Professional Services at ODIN technologies, said: “The new generation of IF5 intensive readers has outstanding performance. The outstanding performance of this product in connection with gates and transmission applications has made it a leader in comprehensive performance in its class. Intermec is To meet the demanding European market has done a lot of technical investment, IF5 shows that its investment has paid off.”

The Intermec IF5 reader is based on the EPCglobal Gen2 standard wireless module and meets the requirements of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This is the only module of its kind that passes EPC compatibility and interoperability testing. As a feature-rich Gen2 network reader, IF5 allows users to read tags from various manufacturers. In addition, it can also act as an edge server, making decisions and filtering data immediately, thus avoiding overloading the host with redundant and unwanted information.

With built-in device management systems, fixtures, and applications built into readers, IF5 can help companies expand their RFID systems when they need them.

Intermec Inc.

Intermec Inc., a global supplier of supply chain solutions, develops, manufactures, and integrates technologies for identifying, tracking, and managing supply chain assets. These core technologies include wired/wireless automatic data acquisition, Intellitag® RFID, mobile computing systems, bar code printers, and label media. Now, Intermec's products and services are used by global users including supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and on-site sales and service industries to increase production efficiency, improve product quality, and speed up business operations.

ODIN technologies

ODIN technologies is a leader in RFID solution design, deployment and optimization software. Global companies in 4 continents around the world improve the accuracy of RFID solutions deployed by ODIN technologies' professional engineers and patented RFID optimization tools. Speed ​​and transparency. In addition to providing customer deployment services, ODIN technologies also publishes the RFID Benchmark Series, the industry's first report on performance analysis of RFID devices. ODIN's RFID optimization software suite EasyRFID has been successfully used in dozens of locations to ensure accurate RFID deployment. ODIN's president and CEO, Patrick J. Sweeney II, is the author of the Dummies and CompTIA RFID+ Study Guide, published by John Wiley & Sons. ODIN has offices in Dulles, Virginia, USA, Tokyo, Japan, and Budapest, Hungary.

Reproduced from: U.S. Intermec

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