3 Hunan Province Tianxin Industrial Corporation Shi Guoqiang In the early years, when the water storage and instant electric water heaters were simultaneously unveiled in the market, the former was very popular, while the latter was coldly encountered by the market. Time has passed, not long ago, according to a large shopping mall industry insiders, the hot-type electric water heater market is optimistic, and many days to sell.

The instant electric water heater is also called a quick-heating type quick-heating type or a flow-flow element placed in the water tank of the heating tank plate, and the water tank is bent back and forth, so that when the cold water flows through the water tank, the surface of the electric heating element can be directly flowed repeatedly. Heating, the water temperature is constantly rising, and under the high-power current work, the hot water can be quickly obtained at the water outlet. New products that have recently been listed have new design improvements. It uses heat and high heat efficiency, semiconductor and nickel-chromium alloy as heating elements, and uses a wraparound water circulation tube external heating system, so the heating speed is faster and the thermal efficiency is higher. It is characterized by cold water entering, hot water out, as long as the water tap is turned on, within a few seconds to ten seconds, the continuous hot water is sprayed out. The storage type electric water heater does not heat as quickly as the instant type. It is a carbon heating rod that first heats the cold water around the rod and then thermally diffuses it to the tank. In fact, most of the cold water is indirectly heated, so the preheating time is long, especially in winter, up to two hours of preheating. Time, you need to wait patiently. The same bath, that is, the hot water type electric water heater is more like a horizontal horizontal tank-shaped water tank. The larger the capacity, the larger the volume and the heavier the weight. Such a large and bulky water tank is installed in a bathroom that is not large enough to make the chamber more crowded and narrow. Even in families with particularly spacious housing, the bread-like water tank protrudes on the bathroom wall, which is not coordinated and has a sense of beauty. The instant electric water heater has a small volume due to the elimination of the water tank, and can be made into a rectangular shape which is not thick and is attached to the wall, which is beautiful and generous.

The traditional concept of people is that the greater the power of the electric water heater, the more power is consumed, the power is small, and the power consumption is less. But in fact, it's not. Although the water storage type electric water heater has low power consumption, it consumes electric energy continuously during the long-term preheating and heat preservation process. In addition, there are heat loss and endless hot water loss, and the total consumption is not enough. I got what I got. The thermal electric water heater, although using a large power, has a short time, no waste and excess loss, so the actual power consumption is not proportional to the increase. We know that the power consumption Quantitative Power 1 time is called = power warm-up time + shower time. Taking the winter water temperature as an example, the power of the storage type electric water heater is 3 Jia, the preheating time is 1 shower time is 0.5, the power consumption is 4.52 Jiatong, and the power of the electric water heater is 6kW, and the power consumption is 3kWh. Generally speaking, the electric water heater is more energy-saving than the water storage type electric water heater 4050.

The use of the rear system is a major feature of the new instant electric water heater. The so-called standard is the control method for the water inlet and outlet of the water heater. The water temperature and the amount of water in the front-mounted water heater are controlled by the water at the control port by the valve installed at the inlet and outlet of the cold water. Both the storage type and the early instant electric water heaters are of the front type. In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of the technological level, the new instant electric water heater has begun to adopt the post-standard structure. It is characterized by easy installation and use, can control the amount of hot water outlet, and realize multi-channel water supply. This is especially suitable for household sinks, kitchens, water showers, etc., which are more convenient to use than storage water heaters.

The storage type electric water heater is bulky and heavy, and the installation is difficult; that is, the electric water heater is small and light in size and simple to install. The water storage type electric water heater is installed at the top corner of the solution chamber, and the operation is not convenient; that is, the hot electric water heater can be installed on the wall at the same height as the line of sight, which is convenient for flexible operation. For example, the Aotelang fast electric water heater has no touch buttons on its panel, digital display power position and temperature. When the shower is too hot, just touch the down temperature button and vice versa, so the operation is very convenient.

The instant electric water heater requires a power supply line cross-sectional area of ​​not less than 42 and a capacity of 40 people. At present, most of the urban residential buildings are old-fashioned power supply systems, which is the key reason that restricts its temporary difficulty in popularization. However, as the country increases the transformation and investment of the old urban power grid facilities, the current power supply system for new commercial housing has collapsed. The cross-sectional area of ​​the incoming line is not less than (1) the capacity requirement of the electric capacity is not less than 2040. Therefore, the development prospect of the hot-type electric water heater is like the replacement of black-and-white TV sets by color TVs. It is expected that it will become the preferred kitchen of choice for many popular families in the future. Guardian equipment.

As for the anti-super temperature anti-overpressure anti-smoke, anti-leakage, water and electricity separation microcomputer control, etc., the current instant electric water heaters have these functions and features, and will continue to develop and improve. At present, there are brands such as Dr. Autland Ariston in the market.

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