It can be seen from the current situation that air purifiers are selling well in the market. Now that people's health and environmental awareness are becoming stronger and stronger, how to buy air purifiers? How to choose an air purifier for spaces of different sizes? The following editors will recommend several air purifiers suitable for different space sizes, and buy an air purifier suitable for you, which is worth the money!

Large space dedicated air purifier

Allerair / Oule heavy air purifier

Applicable space: suitable for large spaces and villas

Reference price: 22600.00 yuan / set

Editor's recommendation reason: This air purifier is a heavy-duty air purifier suitable for extra large space of 186 square meters or more. Its powerful five-stage filtration system, superior purification effect, no secondary pollution, strong fan and overweight and thick The filter material is significantly ahead of other similar products in terms of purification efficiency and applicable area. The most reasonable cylindrical structure design is adopted, which is simple and beautiful. The airtightness is good, the airflow is unobstructed, and the efficiency of the fan is more than 90%.

airpal Aibaole air purification fresh filter

Applicable space: 50㎡

Reference price: 7055.00 yuan / piece

Editor ’s recommendation reason: This air purifier has a 6-layer filtration system, which makes the purification more durable. It uses top coconut shell material with developed pores and smaller pore diameters. It has a stronger capture capacity for formaldehyde and benzene series. Super strong 360 degree surrounding air outlet system, which can quickly circulate fresh air in all directions. The output of clean air is up to 420 cubic meters per hour. It can quickly purify a room with an area of ​​30-60 square meters for more than 5 words in one hour, far exceeding similar product.

SAMSUNG AX1AH9000WK imported air purifier

Applicable space: 130㎡

Reference price: 20999.00 yuan / set

Editor ’s recommendation reason: This air purifier not only purifies the air, but also completely sterilizes it. It has an extraordinary ultra-high energy efficiency ratio, which greatly saves natural energy. The fan system that can be controlled separately can be turned on or off independently according to environmental needs Fans, humanized control, truly green and energy saving. The crystal display screen reflects your taste, and the tempered glass base gives you peace of mind.

The editor of the large space air purifier will introduce it to everyone here. For more information, please pay attention to the information channel of this website .

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