The purpose of the experiment: 1. Using the net radiation comparison method, qualitatively measure the blackness of the object during medium temperature radiation. 2. When the receptors of the two states of "to be tested" and "black body" (the surface has been blackened) are respectively under constant temperature conditions, the temperature after being irradiated is measured. Main configuration: emitter, conductor, acceptor: primary color receptor, surface blackening receptor; PT100 thermal resistance with temperature display resolution of 0.1 °C, temperature measurement instrument with PID adjustment temperature control accuracy of ±0.2 °C, 50V DC Regulated power supply, high-precision PID pressure regulating heating E1042-32G electronic integrated voltage regulator module, digital DC voltmeter and ammeter, can be equipped with stainless steel test bench. Power distribution: 220V 800W Specifications: 450 × 250 × 400mm

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