Bird's nest, shark's fin, and caterpillar weeds have traditionally been nourishing health products. At one time, they were very popular in the market, and the market price has also been rising. Bird's nest glass bottle, shark's fin glass bottle packaging, these traditional nourishing health glass bottle packaging was very seriously by the glass bottle manufacturers. Because these health care products have higher market profits, the profit margin for health products glass bottles will also be relatively large.

Now, with the continuous increase in the country’s anti-corruption efforts, people’s understanding of traditional nourishing health products continues to increase. The market space for traditional nourishing health products such as bird's nest, shark's fin, and caterpillar fungus is constantly being compressed, and the market is cold. The downturn in the downstream market has also formed a big impact on the market for nourishing health products glass bottles. In this regard, we believe that the traditional market for nourishing and health care products will not disappear and will continue to develop steadily in this round of market adjustment. Therefore, companies engaged in the production of nourishing health products glass bottles should be adjusted in the existing market. Strategy, continue to maintain this market. At the same time, for health care products glass bottle manufacturers, actively expanding the market in the current market difficulties is also very necessary, in the field of related health products glass bottles to expand the scope of product management in order to better survive.

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