At present, aflatoxins are mainly detected by thin layer chromatography (TLC), immunoaffinity column-high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC-FL), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), immunoaffinity column-high performance liquid chromatography Mass spectrometry, thin-layer chromatography and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay are mainly used to characterize aflatoxins and cannot be accurately quantified. Immunoaffinity column-liquid chromatography and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry can accurately quantify, but due to immunological pro- The cost of column and mass spectrometry detection is high and the application range is limited.

The determination of aflatoxin in the grain developed by Dima Technology uses the solid-phase extraction-liquid chromatography method with lower detection cost, and compares the national standard method "GB/T 18979-2003 Determination of aflatoxin in foods by immunoaffinity chromatography High performance liquid chromatography and fluorescence spectrometry, this program has the following advantages:

Method advantage

The pretreatment step is simple. After the sample is extracted by organic solvent, the sample is directly loaded into the solid phase extraction column, and the effluent is collected for chromatographic analysis. The method has the characteristics of high recovery rate, good stability and excellent purification effect;

It avoids the disadvantage that the immunoaffinity column is easily affected by the environment and causes low recovery rate of aflatoxin and poor purification effect, which ensures the reproducibility and accuracy of the experimental results;

The column-passing method is simple and easy to operate, and does not require the solid phase extraction column activation, rinsing, and elution steps. After the sample is collected, the effluent is directly collected for chromatographic analysis, and the purification can be completed in one step. The requirements for the operator are not high, and the detection cost is relatively low. Can be adopted by many enterprises and institutions;

Simultaneous detection of aflatoxin M1, G1, B1, G2, B2, and can achieve quasi-deterministic quantification, the detection limit is 0.05 μg / kg, far lower than the national standard "GB 2761-2011 food safety national standard food mycotoxins Limited edition.

ProElut AFT-3 special column advantage

The ProElut AFT-3 column is layered by two adsorbents in a certain proportion. The impurities are removed by different action mechanisms, and there is no irreversible adsorption on aflatoxin, which ensures the purification effect and recovery rate of the sample.

This product is a commercial finished column. The adsorbent has good stability and is not affected by external environmental factors, ensuring the reproducibility and accuracy of the experimental results.

The column process is simple, saves time and improves work efficiency.

The following is a detailed solution, please refer to!

1. Scope of application

The program is applicable to the detection of aflatoxins M1, G1, B1, G2 and B2 in cornmeal and peanut. The detection limit of the method is 0.05 μg / kg.

2, sample preparation

Weigh 2.0 g of sample, add 8 mL of 85% acetonitrile water, shake for 2 min, sonicate for 10 min, centrifuge at 6000 rpm for 2 min, collect the supernatant, and purify.

3, SPE column purification - ProElut AFT-3 12 mL (Cat. #: 65915)

The liquid to be purified was added to the column, 2 mL of the effluent was collected, and evaporated to dryness under reduced pressure in a water bath at 50 °C.

4, derivative

Add 0.5 mL of n-hexane and 0.5 mL of trifluoroacetic acid in turn, spin the glass stopper and mix well. Allow to stand at 45 ° C for 10 min, dry the derivative solution, and dilute to 1 mL with 10% acetonitrile water.

5, analysis conditions

Column: Diamonsil C18(2), 250 × 4.6 mm, 5 μm (Cat. #:99603)

Flow rate: 1.0 mL/min

Detector: * Fluorescence detector, Ex: 365 nm; Em: 435 nm

Column temperature: 30 ° C

Injection volume: 20 μL

Mobile phase: A: water B: isopropanol + acetonitrile = 3 + 2



6, add recycling results

6.1 Aflatoxin addition and recovery results in cornmeal








6.2 Aflatoxin addition and recovery results in peanut





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