Want to make your work smooth and good? Office feng shui is not ideal, and it may bring you troubles and disasters that you should not have. In fact, as long as you can do it, you can easily create a good workplace feng shui. Sen Zhi office furniture http://

Tip 1: Planting scorpion leaf large potted plants, if there is a toilet in front of or next to your seat, you can put some broad-leaved plants between the seat and the toilet, one can absorb the suffocation from the toilet, and the second can block Lose bad magnetic field.
Tip 2: Screen windshield door suffocating if your seat just rushes to the gate, unless your own magnetic field is very strong, you can block the strong energy flow of the gate, otherwise your normal magnetic field will be disturbed for a long time, fortune and thinking It's unstable, so you can use the screen to help you stop.
Tip 3: Table lamp chemistry method If you have a beam column above your seat, you can put a table lamp directly under the beam column, often let the light bulb light up, which can reduce the bad gas field from above.
Tip 4: No wall charts on the wall next to the seat. Some of the more gloomy or horrible pictures are not suitable for hanging out every day. The pictures of fierce beasts or lines are not suitable for hanging out, because the long-term suggestion of these bad information will affect the subconscious. Stable.

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