The Stride Group designated Riverside Plastics Limited, a South Carolina-based bottle-making company, to design two 300-ml and 125-ml bottles for their customers Tetrosyl's Carlube brand oil and diesel processing products and Carlube brand lubricants.

The Stride Group is an old customer of the Riverside bottle factory in South Wales. Sandy Younger, sales manager at the Stride Group, said: “We are very pleased to commission a riverside company to design packaging for us. They are a true bottle-making connoisseur and supplier. The latest Tetrosyl brand design work requires that their designs enable customers’ branded products. Ability to stay ahead in a very sophisticated market."

All three bottles are extruded. Two 300 ml bottles use clear PVC and 125 ml bottles use silver grey PVC.

Riverside sales and marketing manager Graham McKenzie said: "I am very pleased that our experience in car care products can benefit our customers, the Strade Group."

Reprinted from: Good Packaging Network

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