When it comes to losing weight, you have to talk about exercise. When it comes to sports, the easiest thing is to run. Because you don't need to buy any equipment, you don't need to spend a penny to do it.

However, there are often MM questions, I ran for a while, but not only is not thin, but the calf is getting stronger and stronger. What is going on here? Actually, there is something wrong with the way you run.

Below, I will tell you how to run, the calf will not be strong.

1, the heel landing is the key

When you are running, do you usually land the forefoot first or the heel first? If your answer is the former, then you have made a lot of mistakes that MM will make. It is not correct to land the forefoot before running. Although it is easier and less difficult to run, it will cause the legs to be thick. Therefore, in order to MM beautiful and slender legs, remember to use the heel to land when running, then the forefoot touches the ground and jogs.




2, warm-up exercise is very important

From elementary school, when the physical education class was taught, the teacher taught us to do warm-up exercises before exercise to prevent strain on the muscles. How can we forget the teacher's respect and guidance after growing up? Therefore, before we run to lose weight, we must first stretch the muscles of the legs and let the calves greet the movements in the best condition.





3, jogging to lose weight is the most effective

Running is aerobic exercise, which achieves the purpose of slimming and losing weight by exercising to consume excess body fat. Therefore, this kind of exercise needs to be carried out under aerobic conditions, and jogging is in accordance with this state.

MM don't think that the faster you run, the better your weight loss will be. In fact, this practice is wrong. Although running fast consumes more heat, it will burden the calf, accelerate muscle growth, and cause the calf to become thicker. The real time for fat to burn is after 30 minutes of continuous exercise, so sticking to jogging for more than half an hour is the most effective way to lose weight.





4, stretching after running is essential

Many MMs rushed to buy things when they ran, and often ignored the post-running stretch. Stretching after running can not only relieve the muscle tension after running, but also avoid the tension of the muscles, and effectively maintain the perfect leg shape. So, stretching after running is essential.




Mm can be remembered, or else thick legs, but often trouble you.

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