The theoretical analysis of the compression characteristics of multi-layer superimposed honeycomb paperboard and the static compression test at different rates were carried out by RMT computer-aided pressure automatic test system. The characteristics of continuous static and dynamic compression F-δ and σ-ε of the two-layer honeycomb paperboard were obtained. . The experimental results show that the compression properties of the two-layer superimposed honeycomb paperboard are basically the same under the two kinds of rate compression states, the curve is obviously periodic, and each cycle is consistent with the static compression characteristics of one layer; each layer is in accordance with the yield strength (ie The stress peaks in the elastic phase are yielded sequentially from small to large, undergoing elasto-plastic, plastic, and compact deformation stages; periodic pulsations in the curve will have an adverse effect on its cushioning properties and should be noted.

Honeycomb paperboard has higher pressure resistance and better cushioning performance. It is mainly used in packaging projects such as packaging cartons, packaging cushions, trays and so on. The basic mechanical properties of honeycomb paperboard are the basis for the design and application of this new type of material, so it should be studied in depth. At present, experimental studies have been conducted on the compression characteristics of single-layer honeycomb paperboard, and the characteristics of continuous static compression F-δ and σ-ε under different compression rates have been obtained. Because the practical application often uses the superposition and combination form of the multi-layer honeycomb paperboard, the compression characteristics of the superposed combination honeycomb paperboard must be studied. In this paper, the compressive characteristics of two-layer superposed honeycomb paperboard are tested using the RMT computer-assisted pressure automatic test system which can measure the continuous compression performance curve, and the continuous static compression F-δ and σ-ε curves under different compression rates are obtained.

1. Theoretical Analysis of Static Compression Characteristics of Multilayer Superimposed Honeycomb Paperboard

The continuous static compression F-δ and σ-ε characteristics of a single-layer honeycomb paperboard at a small rate (6mm/min) is shown in Fig. 1; the continuous static compression at a relatively high rate (60mm/min), and the characteristic curve of F-δ and σ-ε. as shown in picture 2.

From Fig.1 and Fig.2, it can be seen that the static compression characteristics of honeycomb paperboard under the two kinds of compression rates all show four stages of elasticity, elastic-plasticity, plasticity and compaction deformation; the stress peak generated during the elastic stage is the stress generated during the plastic stage. The value is about 2 times.

Based on the static compression characteristics of the single-layer honeycomb paperboard above, the following inferences can be drawn:

In the process of compressing multi-layer superimposed honeycomb paperboard, when the yield strength of each layer is different (that is, the stress peak in the elastic phase), the minimum yield strength layer should first yield and break, and then the other layers will yield in the order of the yield strength from small to large. , Elastoplasticity, plasticity and compaction deformation in various stages; When the performance of all layers of honeycomb paperboard is the same, the layers will yield at the same time, and undergo elastoplastic, plastic and compaction deformation stages.

Because the honeycomb paperboard can hardly guarantee the performance in the production process is completely consistent, even if the performance of the two-layer paperboard cut from the same paperboard is also slightly different, so the paperboard layers should also yield in turn, undergoing elastoplasticity, plasticity and compaction Deformation stages. The static compression characteristic curve should also be added in order of the yield strength of the static compression characteristic curves of each layer.

Reprinted from: China Carton Network

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