[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the diversification of material life, people's total objects are becoming more and more abundant, and many people have begun to choose open wardrobes , which not only have powerful storage functions, but also are convenient.

Most of the open wardrobes belong to the custom closet, because it is installed according to the size of the room. Generally, the open wardrobes occupy a relatively large room area, giving a more luxurious feeling, and the quality of the wardrobe is also required for the open wardrobe. Very high, the cost is generally not cheap.

Solid wood wardrobe

The walk-in closet is generally more distinct, and the placement of things seems to be relatively simple, which helps people at home to clean up the room, which will bring a lot of convenience to life, and if you are a person who knows open wardrobes, You can build it yourself.

Open wardrobe

Many open wardrobes are embedded, and of course there are open wardrobes like the above. This kind of wardrobe is more harmonious in the bedroom. Unlike other open wardrobes, it has a strong home color. Separate from the bedroom.

Overall wardrobe

The above shows the luxury version of the open wardrobe, this wardrobe design also requires that the design of the home environment is not too regular, generally prefer creative and design friends can customize such an open wardrobe, but the price is still relatively high .

The open wardrobe is relatively fashionable in the present, but the requirements for the cleanliness of the workshop will be relatively high. It is necessary to keep the environment clean and tidy, otherwise the whole home environment will be very messy.

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