[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The hottest society in recent times, the issue that people are most concerned about is undoubtedly the second child policy. Everyone knows very well that babies know the outside world through sensory stimulation such as sound, color, shape, etc. When we choose the wardrobe design for the baby, we must take this into consideration to ensure that the baby can be active and romantic. Growing up. Today, China Wardrobe Network recommends the 7 principles of baby room furniture purchase, baby wardrobe purchase points, let's take a look.

[PART1: Baby House Furniture Purchase 7 Principles]

Baby room closet picture

The second child era is coming to the baby room wardrobe to create a comfortable baby space ( appreciate more wardrobe pictures) )

Principle 1 Hardware: wooden bed, changing wardrobe, chest of drawers, etc., there are special standards for infant safety in the production process, such as formaldehyde, heavy metals can not exceed the standard, the firmness must be moderate, the corners can not have too sharp angle, etc. Wait.

Principle 2 Software: mainly refers to textiles such as bedding, and the regulations on color fastness, formaldehyde azo and so on are far stricter than adult clothing.

Principle 3 Floor: The amount of activity of the child is large, and the floor of the room should be anti-slip and elastic. The general wood or plastic floor is rich in color, economical and wear-resistant, and non-slip comfort is a good choice for preschool baby room floor; if the child goes to school, he can lay a matte or composite wood floor with no light and anti-slip, which is easy to clean.

Baby room wardrobe design

The second child era is coming to the baby room wardrobe to create a comfortable baby space ( appreciate more wardrobe pictures) )

Principle 4 Decorative materials: Try to choose natural materials, the less the middle of the processing procedures, the better. For example, some imported children's wallpapers or high-quality wall paints conform to this principle, with less harmful substances and easy scrubbing.

Principle 5 Electrical appliances: All electrical switches must be placed at a high or concealed location, and a safety cover should be added to the plug. Some commonly used small appliances, such as radios, single-players, etc., preferably use dry battery power to reduce the risk of use. In addition, floor-standing appliances should be avoided in the baby room to prevent electric shock accidents after the child falls.

Principle 6 Furniture: Children of different stages of growth have different needs for the configuration of furniture. Minimize the space occupied by furniture, and choose its versatility when choosing. In the design of children's furniture, it is necessary to add ingredients that are conducive to children's observation, thinking and play.

Principle 7 Color: Vivid colors and lively style are the biggest features of the baby room.

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