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This is an important measure to actively respond to the State Council's No. 46 document and promote the development of Tianjin's sports industry. The implementation opinion not only highlights the reform of institutional mechanisms and innovation, but also integrates the development of related industries. It also combines the strategic deployment of Tianjin National People's Movement and the National Games and the People's Republic of China. It puts emphasis on strengthening the construction of sports facilities, emphasizing that sports serves the people, and industry promotes consumption of sports. The concept of industrial development has laid out a beautiful blueprint for the future development of the Tianjin sports industry.

Relevant person in charge of the Sports Bureau said when reading this implementation opinion: This opinion puts forward a very quantified and specific development goal for the development of the Tianjin sports industry in the next 10 years. It is proposed to build 10 municipal sports industry bases, build 10 high-level sports brand events, and cultivate 100 popular mass fitness brand activities. The total size of the sports industry will reach 100 billion yuan. In the national fitness program, there are also specific requirements. The area of ​​sports facilities per capita is 2.5 square meters, and the number of people who regularly participate in physical exercise reaches 48% of the total number of households registered in the city.

While proposing specific development goals, the implementation opinions also emphasized five major tasks for future work: reforming the system and innovating mechanisms; optimizing industrial layout and improving structure; promoting integration and coordinated development; enriching market supply and improving the construction of sports facilities Fitness atmosphere.

Relevant person in charge of the Sports Bureau said in an interpretation that: in the key development measures, the implementation of the opinions will increase the national fitness to the strategic height of the development of sports, combined with the organization of the thirteenth National Sports Games in Tianjin, the National Games and the benefit of the people The concept of development emphasizes hardware indicators for improving sports facilities and providing more venues for sports activities. The opinion stated that all districts and counties of the city must achieve five construction standards of one field, one pool, one hall, one center and one park, and a 15-minute urban fitness circle should be built. It is necessary to build a comprehensive community multipurpose sports field with 200 prominent football projects. It is necessary to build 50 mountaineering trails and a number of climbing and climbing facilities and expand leisure facilities based on the Qixian County forest. Newly built 20 large-scale fitness parks, 50 outdoor camps in country parks, and 30 fitness trails, bicycle riding lanes and roller slides. Accelerate the promotion of openness of enterprises, institutions and school stadiums to the society, and actively promote the opening of all kinds of new-type National Games venues at all levels to the society after the match. The opening rate of social sports facilities has reached over 70%.

In the optimization of industrial layout, we have proposed a clear industrial spatial layout, which is centered on the development of the center and the Binhai New Area as the core, supported by the eastern coastal sports and leisure belt and the western outdoor sports and leisure belt, and concentrated on outdoor sports in the Qixian County. District, Qilihai Dahuangbao Wetland Sports Gathering Zone, Xiqing Wuqing Fashion Sports Gathering Zone, Wuqing Baodi High-end Sports Equipment Manufacturing Base, Dongjiang Coastal Sports Gathering Zone, Tuanbo Sports Health City are the industrial sports development space for carriers of industrial projects. pattern.

In promoting the development of the sports industry, emphasis is placed on the principle of market access that is banned from entry, canceling the approval of commercial and mass sports events, supporting social forces such as sports social organizations to hold mass sports events, and encouraging sports. Private non-enterprise organization development. At the same time, social capital is also encouraged to participate in the operation of stadiums, Tianjin Sports Industry Association is encouraged to be established, community sports fitness clubs and youth sports clubs are supported, and commercial sports clubs are encouraged to develop.

In promoting the integration of sports industry development and industrial upgrading, we propose a docking Internet + action plan to accelerate the development of smart sports, e-commerce, innovative service platforms and operating models. Encourage social capital to establish various institutions such as sports, physical fitness and sports rehabilitation. Support sports enterprises in cooperating with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions to establish collaborative innovation mechanisms for production, education, and research. Promoting leading and branded companies to be listed on the Main Board, SME Board, GEM Listing, and New Third Board. Support qualified sports science and technology companies to carry out high-tech enterprises' certification work.

In order to ensure the implementation of the implementation opinions, the implementation opinions also include four policy measures to encourage social investment, improve the tax price policy, improve the layout and land policies, improve personnel training and employment policies.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Sports Bureau explained: Encouraging social investment as long as it refers to, encourage qualified sports companies to enter the multi-level capital market, standardize development, expand corporate financing channels, through corporate listing, listing, issuing bonds, project financing, property rights Replacement, crowdfunding and other ways to raise funds. Establish 50 million yuan municipal-level sports industry development guidance funds, establish a sports industry project reserve pool, and support sports sports projects that meet the conditions with project subsidies and interest subsidies. In terms of taxation policies, expenditures for eligible advertising expenses incurred by a sports company are stipulated in the tax law and can be deducted before tax. Enterprises and individuals that donate through public welfare social organizations or people's governments at or above the county level to their sports events, outstanding sports teams, public welfare sports facilities, etc., and comply with the relevant provisions of the tax law may be allowed to deduct taxable income when calculating. In terms of personnel training, Tianjin Sports Vocational College will be established to cultivate complex sports technology, sports management, and sports industry talents. Strengthen the theoretical study of the sports industry, set up a joint innovation center for the sports industry in joint universities, and establish a research think tank for the sports industry.

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