[ Chinese wardrobe net ] As the saying goes: "People rely on clothing, beauty depends on the armor." The wardrobe is also like a human being. The attractive eye also depends on the "beauty" factor. Its beauty should not only consider the needs of humanization and individuality, but also the effect of both sentiment and practicality, in order to be widely favored by consumers. Inextricably, a word with a sentimentality, does its entity also let us have infinite affection for it? Let's go and see together - the winning triumph of the Ou Ting.


ROUND. 1 : Product Overview

Product: Ou Ting·Righty Series Wardrobe

Affiliated team (brand): Bai Desheng

ROUND.2: overall style appearance

The Blackjack Ou Ting·Right Series Wardrobe is a new wardrobe launched by Best Decker in October 2011. It combines pure European elements and one body. It borrows the design concept of classical European court style and integrates with the trend of modern society. Among them, it highlights a unique atmosphere of simplicity and uniqueness. This wardrobe features a selection of low-carbon, environmentally-friendly plates and accessories that appeal to people with an invisible European magnet.

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