Furniture is a gold-plated signboard in Nankang District.
With the rapid development of the Internet, in the tide of the development of Nankang furniture industry, there is an undercurrent that is quietly surging, gradually becoming a force that cannot be ignored. This undercurrent is Nankang furniture e-commerce. Since its inception in 2010, Nankang furniture e-commerce has developed rapidly. In 2013, its turnover exceeded 800 million yuan, and in 2014 it reached 2.5 billion yuan. Compared with the traditional furniture industry with more than 20 years of development history, furniture e-commerce has appeared less than five years, but this new thing has now penetrated into all aspects of Nankang furniture industry, not only broadening the market space of Nankang furniture, but also making The entire industry in Nankang District has achieved an “electricity” upgrade.
"Electric business tide" struck, what is the charm of Nankang furniture e-commerce? How does Nankang boldly crack the industry "electric shock password"? Recently, the reporter went to Jiangxi furniture industry base and the national-level furniture industry base in central China - Nankang visit... ...
An e-commerce demonstration base has emerged
“The timing is always crucial for the development of the enterprise. When the e-commerce model gradually occupied the market, our leather homes also entered the market. In 2012, we built an e-commerce platform. We plan to complete the marketing format in 3 years. The change, I did not expect that the sales of the year reached 30 million yuan; in 2013 reached more than 50 million yuan, and all from online transactions; in 2014 exceeded 100 million. This trend is pretty good!" Jiangxi Pier home Liu Feng, the person in charge of e-commerce of Industrial Co., Ltd., told reporters about the situation. On the other hand, the employees of the company talked about business, placing orders, and doing services on the electronic sales platform.
“In the past, Pei's home relied mainly on store sales, but the traditional sales model of 'waiting for customers' was limited, and the rent, labor and promotion fees were also higher. E-commerce allows products to go directly from manufacturers to consumers. Forming a price advantage and saving costs. After we tasted the sweetness of e-commerce, we turned all our energy to the online and ended the sales of offline stores. Last year, before and after the 'Double 11', the company opened six brands in Tmall. The flagship store has about 6,000 sets of software beds and 2000 sets of sofas, and the turnover of 'double 11' is only 11 million yuan a day." Liu Feng told reporters.
In Nankang, like Pei's home, there are more than 1,000 furniture companies that have tasted the sweetness of e-commerce, and 15 furniture e-commerce companies with annual sales of 10 million yuan. In addition, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce officially approved the Nankang Furniture Market in August 2014 as the province's e-commerce demonstration base. Nankang District has the first and only provincial e-commerce demonstration base in Zhangzhou.
"In fact, the rise of furniture e-commerce in Nankang District, the establishment of the first furniture e-commerce association in China - Nankang Furniture E-Commerce Association was approved, and the Nankang furniture market was successfully selected into the Jiangxi Province e-commerce demonstration base. It is no accident. But it came into being." Liu Hui, president of Nankang Furniture E-Commerce Association, said that in recent years, especially after the introduction of "Several Opinions", with the various policies brought about by the revitalization and development of Weinan Soviet Area, Nankang furniture industry also It ushered in a period of revitalization and development, which created conditions for the development of furniture e-commerce "blowout". "E-commerce brings about Nankang furniture, not only new sales channels, but also a new gene for building the future competitiveness of the industry. It provides a new opportunity for Nankang Furniture Company to catch up with the traditional domestic furniture manufacturers. In addition, with The construction of the Nankang International E-Commerce Center, the Central China Logistics and Trade City, the Financial Center, and the Entry Wood Inspection and Quarantine Supervision Area has been completed, which has brought about the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, the facilitation of fund settlement, and the reduction of raw material costs. Both will become the 'nutrition' to support the rapid rise of furniture e-commerce.
A startup e-commerce incubator base will help upgrade
“Successful e-commerce companies must have a clear focus area to provide deeper and more special merchandise choices.” Jiangxi Guoming E-commerce Industrial Park, located in Yingbin Avenue, Nankang District, Jiangxi Yang Pinhua, Director of E-Commerce Operations, showed reporters the personalized food film gloves, fruit paper bags, "Little Birds" Orange and Fruit Farmers "Thank You Letter" in the navel orange package. If the e-commerce business is located in Jiangxi Guangming E-commerce Industrial Park, with an area of ​​about 300,000 square meters, it is a combination of five clusters, including furniture industry platform clusters, enterprise office clusters, special commercial clusters, theme hotel clusters, and full-effect apartment clusters. The one-stop business linkage demonstration zone has now entered more than 100 e-commerce enterprises, and will enter more than 200 e-commerce enterprises.
Huang Zhirong, deputy general manager of Guangming International Furniture City in Nankang District, told the reporter: "Jiangxi Guangming E-commerce Industrial Park is a modern industrial park dedicated to the coordinated development of industry and e-commerce by Jiangxi Guangming E-commerce Industrial Park Management Co., Ltd. It is planned to support within two years. There are more than 10,000 entrepreneurs in the incubator, more than 500 e-commerce companies, and the annual transaction volume exceeds 1 billion yuan. It is planned to become the largest in Cangzhou within 3 years, integrating traditional e-commerce, industrial e-commerce, and e-commerce. The large-scale one-stop integrated e-commerce industrial park, which integrates the four major e-commerce modules of warehousing and logistics, helps transform and upgrade the traditional industries in Chenzhou."
"E-commerce seems to be easy, in fact, it is a university hall." At the construction site at the entrance of the industrial park, Huang Zhirong introduced that this is the new "Nankang District E-Commerce 90 Business Incubation Base". It will become the province's and even the national e-commerce professional skills school, the Central China Regional First Entrepreneurship Industrial Park, not only establish the upstream and downstream integrated service platform of the e-commerce industry chain, but also form the output of the Internet resources and employees. Entrepreneurs who are interested in e-commerce, starting from scratch, financial difficulties and resource difficulties, provide unprecedented services. The first phase of the project plans to build public facilities such as multimedia training halls, product showrooms, entrepreneurial salons and base management centers, and plans to build 300 entrepreneurial positions.
On the fourth floor of the Industrial Park, Jiangxi Lingqi E-Commerce Co., Ltd., employees are designing a "famous" electronic business card in front of the computer. This e-commerce operator with Internet technology as its core is mainly engaged in the integration and promotion of online and offline O2O mode operations and new Internet business models for B2C and B2B products such as furniture, home appliances and local products. Liu Sheng, the deputy manager, told the reporter that the company was established in May 2014 and has become a well-known enterprise in the electronics industry in Zhangzhou for more than half a year. It is inseparable from the preferential policies for promoting the development of e-commerce in Nankang District. "In recent years, Nankang's e-commerce industry represented by furniture e-commerce has grown steadily, and has formed a characteristic e-commerce cluster of furniture, clothing, local products, etc., which has driven the production of packaging boxes, advertising design photography, logistics services, etc. The development of a large number of related industries has formed an economy with close links and great potential. However, the development of e-commerce is inseparable from the support of logistics networks. In the short term, the lag of the logistics environment is still the most restrictive development of Nankang furniture e-commerce. An important link. Upgrading traditional logistics and building a modern logistics system that is compatible with e-commerce development is an urgent task."
The reporter learned from the Nankang District Business Bureau that, now, Nankang District is actively improving various platforms, strengthening the e-commerce investment and supporting services and supporting services. On the one hand, with the completion of the construction of e-commerce trading platforms such as “Kangchao.com”, the investment promotion of furniture e-commerce will be more advantageous; on the other hand, the logistics framework is fully opened, and it is composed of more than 630 logistics lines. The logistics transportation network radiates all parts of the country except Taiwan and Tibet. At the same time, the implementation of industrial preferential measures, innovative production lines, registered brands, patent applications, the creation of China's central solid wood furniture industry base, the development of China's central furniture fair and other initiatives, have injected new vitality into the development of Nankang furniture e-commerce industry.

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