cnc--Computer numerical control: With the continuous development of engraving machine (), the frequency of engraving machine appearing in our life process has increased, but it is not clear what is used. What is the role? Now let me introduce what is an engraving machine:

The engraving machine is a kind of drilling and milling combined processing from the principle of processing. It has the unique strengths and inherent shortcomings like other machines. How to make the CNC engraving object correct and the process is reasonable, CNC engraving can become a profitable occupation. If the CNC engraving goes wrong and falls into a weak position, CNC engraving will be “difficult” and the return of investors will be low.

Because the characteristics of CNC engraving objects are complex patterns, strange shapes, and fine finished products, CNC engraving machines are mainly light-weight structures, which actually limits the working mode of CNC engraving: “fast milling of small tools”, in fact, this It is the "professional advantage" of CNC engraving, the reason is that CNC engraving is in the "business where conventional large tools cannot be processed". Due to the unique professional advantages of CNC engraving, CNC engraving is more suitable in the following industries: furniture processing, mold engraving, advertising engraving, factory assembly line.

From the processing materials are divided into: woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, metal mold machine, foam engraving machine.

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