1. The operator must undergo strict post training and safety training before going to work.

Second, when working, the operator should concentrate on the mind, the hands and feet should be sensitive, the sleeves should be tight, and the corresponding protective equipment should be worn.

3. Before starting, check whether the handle position is correct, whether the limit protection measures are intact, and whether the tension of the belt and the chain is appropriate.

Fourth, according to the process requirements, adjust the thickness of the rotary cutting, and confirm that there is no error before starting. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the thickness of the rotary cutting after starting up.

5. Start idling for 1-2 minutes and confirm that there is no abnormality before you can officially start work.

6. Always turn off the power when installing the material. The clamping must be firm.

7. When the operator leaves the machine for any reason, the power must be turned off.

8. After work, cut off the power, clean the equipment and the surrounding sanitation.

IX. If there is any abnormality during the operation of the equipment, stop it immediately and notify the professional maintenance personnel to repair it. Operators are strictly prohibited from tampering with electrical appliances to prevent electric shock.

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