1. Application field of gas chromatograph:

1. Petroleum and petrochemical analysis:

Chemical analysis, crude oil analysis, refinery gas analysis, simulated distillation, oil analysis, elemental hydrocarbon analysis, sulfur / nitrogen / oxygen compounds analysis, gasoline additive analysis, aliphatic hydrocarbon analysis, aromatic hydrocarbon analysis in oil and gas field exploration.

For oil plants

2. Environmental analysis:

Air pollutant analysis, water analysis, soil analysis, solid waste analysis.

3. Food analysis:

Pesticide residue analysis, flavor and fragrance analysis, additive analysis, fatty acid methyl ester analysis, food packaging material analysis.

4. Drug and clinical analysis:

Analysis of estriol, analysis of catecholamine metabolites, analysis of progesterone and gestrinol in urine, analysis of testosterone in plasma, analysis of ethanol / narcotics and amino acid derivatives in blood.

5. Analysis of pesticide residues:

Organochlorine pesticide residue analysis, organophosphorus pesticide residue analysis, pesticide residue analysis, herbicide residue analysis, etc.

6. Fine chemical analysis:

Additive analysis, catalyst analysis, raw material analysis, product quality control.

7. Polymer analysis:

Monomer analysis, additive analysis, copolymer composition analysis, polymer structure characterization / impurity analysis in polymers, and thermal stability studies.

8. Synthetic industry:

Method research, quality control, process analysis.

2. Analysis example of gas chromatograph:

(1) Natural gas constant analysis:

The thermal conductivity detector is selected, which is suitable for the constant analysis of natural gas O2, N2, CH4, CO2, C2H6, C3H8, i-C40, n-C40, i-C50, n-C50 and other components for city gas. The analysis result conforms to the national standard GB10410.2-89.

(2) Analysis of artificial gas:

Select thermal conductivity detector, double valve multi-column system, automatic or manual sampling, suitable for the determination of main components such as H2, O2, N2, CO2, CH4, C2H4, C2H6, C3H6 in artificial gas. The analysis result conforms to the national standard GB10410.1-89.

(3) Analysis of LPG

â‘ : Select thermal conductivity detector, packed column system, valve automatic or manual switching, and equipped with a backflushing system, suitable for the analysis of the composition of C2-C4 and total C5 hydrocarbons in the liquefied petroleum gas produced by the refinery (excluding double Olefins and alkynes). The analysis result accords with SH / T10230-92.

LPG analysis

â‘¡: Select thermal conductivity detector, packed column system, valve automatic or manual switching, and equipped with back blowing

The system is suitable for the analysis of gaseous hydrocarbon components below C5 in liquefied petroleum gas (excluding alkyne). The analysis result accords with GB10410.3-89.

(4) Analysis of refinery gas:

Select thermal conductivity and hydrogen flame ionization detector, separate packed column and capillary column, automatically switch through multiple valves, automatically switch signal, realize one-time injection, *** chromatographic analysis, rapid analysis of H2, O2, N2, CO2, CO , C10-C60, C2 di-C4 di and C6 and above hydrocarbon components. The analysis results are reproducible and easy to operate, and can be compared with foreign imported instruments.

(5) Analysis of benzene and toluene in automotive and aviation gasoline:

The thermal conductivity detector or hydrogen flame ionization detector is selected. The two columns are connected in series. The valve is automatically switched and equipped with a backflushing system. It can achieve the qualitative and quantitative analysis of benzene and toluene in gasoline in one injection. The analysis result conforms to the national standard GB17930-1999.

(6) Analysis of certain alcohols and ethers in gasoline:

Hydrogen flame ionization detector, multi-column system, ten-way valve automatic switching and backflushing are selected, and certain alcohols and ethers in gasoline are directly sampled at one time. Especially suitable for the analysis of alcohol and ether in automotive and aviation gasoline and gasoline containing ethanol. See the ministerial standard SH / T0663-1998.

(7) Gas chromatographic analysis of hygienic standards for distilled and prepared wine:

Using hydrogen flame ionization detector, GDX-102 packed column or FFAP large-diameter capillary column, external standard method (peak area) for quantitative analysis of methanol and fusel oil in liquor. The analysis results are in full compliance with the national standard GB / T.5009.48-2003.

(8) Food alcohol uses PEG-20M capillary column, FID detector, and internal standard method to complete the detection of trace components such as methanol and fusel oil in high-quality edible alcohol. The analysis results fully comply with the requirements of the national standard GB10343-2002.

(IX) Analysis of aldehydes, alcohols and esters in liquor:

Adopt hydrogen flame ionization detector, use 20% DNP 7% Tween-80, or Lanzhou Chemical Institute large-diameter ï¿  0.53mm special capillary column to complete the main alcohol, aldehyde, acid, Analysis of various ester components. In addition to improving the analysis efficiency, the use of capillary columns can also detect organic acids, which provides more valuable information for complex brewing and fermentation processes. The analysis results are in full compliance with the national standard GB10345.7-89 / GB10345.8-89.

(X) Detection of residual solvents in vegetable oil:

The residual amount of No. 6 solvent in the leaching oil can be determined according to the national standard GB / T5009.37-2003 headspace gas chromatography. A hydrogen flame ionization detector is used, a packed column coated with 5% DEGS fixative is installed, and the standard curve of the external standard method is used for quantification. You can also use the DJ-200 headspace sampler (6 headspace bottles can be placed, headspace bottle specifications: 2, 10, 20ml optional). The use of a headspace sampler ensures the reliability of the analysis and improves the efficiency of the analysis. The heated gas-tight needle sleeve ensures that the sample is not diluted or condensed.

(11) Indoor air detection and analysis:

Use hydrogen flame ionization detector, equipped with thermal desorption sampler, packed column or capillary column, according to national standard GB50325-2001, select special chromatography column to complete the indoor air benzene, toluene, xylene and total volatile organic Compound (TVOC) detection. Using derivatized gas chromatography, derivatized with 2.4-dinitrophenylhydrazine, extracted with cyclohexane, separated with OV-17 and QF-1 mixed-coating chromatographic column, and used electron capture detector (ECD) to determine formaldehyde in indoor air Compared with the colorimetric method for measuring formaldehyde, it has the advantages of sensitivity, accuracy, no interference, and easy storage of reagents.

(12) Gas chromatographic analysis of transformer oil cracking products:

Using hydrogen flame ionization detector and thermal conductivity detector, Ni catalyst converter, six-way valve automatic switching, no secondary shunt system, so that it can fully analyze the transformer oil cracking products (8 component gases) in one injection , Quantitative accuracy and high sensitivity. Microcomputer control can realize the automatic switching of the output signal of FID / TCD.

Sampling methods with oscillating and degassing can be selected, or an automatic headspace sampler can be used for automatic sampling. The analysis results are in full compliance with the national standard GB7252-2001.

(13) Analysis of food additives and pesticide residues in food:

Different types of detectors and chromatographic columns can be used to complete sorbic acid, benzoic acid in food (GB / T5009.29-2003), organophosphorus pesticide residues in food (GB / T5009.20-2003), food in six six six , Residues of DDT (GB / T5009.19-2003), Residues of carbamate pesticides in food (GB / T5009.145-2003 and GB / T5009.104-2003), Residues of pyrethroid pesticides in food, used in plants Sex food (GB / T5009.110-2003) and animal food (GB / T5009.162-2003). Gas chromatography of PCBs in seafood (GB / T5009.190-2003). The detection of chloropropanol in food can be determined by derivatization of trichloroacetic anhydride combined with an electron capture detector (ECD). With reference to GB / T14551-93, an electron capture detector, a capillary sampling system and a special large-bore capillary column can be used to complete the detection of organochlorine pesticide residues in tea.

(14) Testing and analysis of tobacco and tobacco products:

TCD and FID are selected with a special chromatography column, which can complete the detection of moisture and nicotine content in the total particulate phase of flue gas. The determination of organochlorine, organophosphorus, pyrethroid and other pesticide residues in tobacco and tobacco products can be accomplished by using ECD, FPD, NPD detectors with different capillary columns. Refer to GB / T13595-2004 and GB / T13596-2004.

(15) Others:

In addition to the above analysis, with the static headspace sampling device, the determination of ethanol content in blood and the analysis of residual solvents in drugs can be completed. The use of solid-phase micro-extraction devices and headspace technology can achieve odor analysis in food. Purge-trap sampling technology is used to analyze volatile aromatic hydrocarbons in wastewater and volatile organic compounds in drinking water. Chromatographic analysis of PTV-GC / ECD and NPD for simultaneous determination of multiple pesticide residues in environmental water.

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